Airline Lasagna & Cookies

Ok, so the Critic is bored, sitting on a plane for 4 hours and since his thing is food, food it is.

On the Merida-DF Mexicana Click flight, you get drinks and the peanuts; salted and roasted and in a package somewhat more generous than the comparable offerings on, say, Continental to Houston.

DF-Vegas – there’s a choice of the ubiquitous chicken or lasagna. The Critic actually thought the lasagna was not bad: cheesy with chunks of mushroom, corn and sala verde. Afterwards, the dessert cookie(s).

Just prior to actually posting this, and after having some pretty darn good food in Vegas, the Critic notes that this is a stupid review and as mentioned at the outset, a complete result of boredom! But what the hell…

4 thoughts on “Airline Lasagna & Cookies

  1. Dear Casual Restaurant Critic, There are no stupid reviews, only stupid meals.

    You’re such a good writer that I felt I was there bored to death with you.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Perry and for that vote of confidence!! I believe you are from the Italian Autostrada dynasty, no?

  3. You are correct WilliamLawson, I am part of that little ol’ dynasty, so as you might imagine, I’m jet-setting all the time and can really benefit from reviews like your lasagna and cookies one.
    (mind you, we ALL know who makes the best cookies in the land…)

    As for you, besides your German heritage, you must have a little Scotch in you.


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