Uruguay vs Netherlands

The Critic and I enjoyed a rousing semi-finals World Cup soccer match while chomping on crispy chewy pork chamorro washed down with a frosty German Schwarzbier.

Don Jürgen, el owner, stopped at each table to chat and mentioned that for tomorrows über-exciting match between Spain and Germany, every single seat was already reserved; standing room only!

In any case, I will on the road, somewhere between Progreso and Uxmal and will have to conform to the radio version of the transmission on W Radio on FM.

Nothing like the World Cup!

2 thoughts on “Uruguay vs Netherlands

  1. William, Walter & I enjoyed very much watch world cup. We got big size LCD Hd channel I drank Mexico beer instead European beer. I am ready for Germany & Spain game tomorrow. I will be merida 9 sep till 24 sep , hope this time we can meet. Debi & Tom will be our Houston home 11 to 15 July spend time with us $ I am very exciting their visit. Hope y & your wife visit us sometime too. Love suk

  2. Did I tell y Walter & I had lived in frankfurt Germany 1989 to 1993. I loved it , Walter did not like german bc they do not happy with American for I do not care, I love it , I learned drink german beer, delicious, get tipsi for one bottle, apple wine, I got drunk with my mom. She was more strong handle than me. I had a most wonderful & lovely times in my life. We saw berlin wall came down we were there just good luck, mom stayed with me 6 month & came back stay another 6 month. Walter & I assainment was over we have to move back to virginia. I hate it & I cried to come back USA. German food was delicious, I think I gained weight but I love fresh bread 5 am, real holland butter , all kinds of salami, made from cow’s every part. It was so good with beer & we went to October fest, that was so much fun. My son, michael still remember went to ski to swizerland & wine festival , christmas market, drink hot apple wine. Now, I am living in small Paris , I call merida. It’s beartutiful city but can’t compare to the Europe but I do not want to live there, yes, I had a great experiences but they are different.SB

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