Burkhas and DSW – Houston Multiculturalism

We see so precious little of the flamboyant burkha in Merida, so it was a bit of a surprise to come upon a gaggle of burkha-clad women in what I thought was the last place I would encounter this always flattering attire: a DSW shoe store just off Westheimer near the Galleria mall in Houston.

Peering intently at the sandals and snazzy dressup shoes through those narrow, rectangular eye slits, they checked out the selection with enthusiastic interest.

This amazed ignorant me, because I assumed women bought shoes to be seen wearing them, and these womens’ feet were securely hidden under their burkhas.

So enlighten me. Is it just another manifestation of the fairer sex’s addiction to footwear, regardless of whether or not anyone will see them?

5 thoughts on “Burkhas and DSW – Houston Multiculturalism

  1. they are carefully hidden in their burkhas so you evil lusting rutting men can’t defile them with your eyes.
    Once home, or in the homes of their friends they are unveiled and those lovely strappy sandals are revealed.

  2. Can you just imagine the sweat and stink under one of those black robes here in Merida? I think about that when I see all those pitiful women in some hot spot like Saudi Arabia. They must smell a treat. That alone no doubt discourages the lecherous from getting too close.

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