Vivero Fun

One activity I enjoy here in the Yucatan is a visit to the local nursery; not the ones with the screaming babies but the ones with the plants, flowers and trees. I have always thought that it would be fantastic to have a nursery on each block (or every two blocks, like an OXXO) to provide a shady, oxygen producing oasis for the surrounding concrete misery that makes up so much of Merida’s new fraccionamientos.

These photos were taken this morning at the Verde Vivo nursery, albeit with a phone camera so they are not that great, but you can still get an idea of all the color and exotic greenery that is available out there.

5 thoughts on “Vivero Fun

  1. Your camera phone takes better photos than many regular cameras. Beautiful. I was surprised to see petunias and what I think were pansies also.

  2. Thanks Nancy! It’s just when you get close up and personal that things start getting a little blurry (even with my Costco reading glasses!!) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I suppose I could, Carolyn… but wow. It would take a while! Thanks for checking in!

  4. Now if it would only rain so I could add plants to the gardens!
    Just got back from a visit to Portland OR where the plants were soaking up all that moisture and growing huge! Isn’t it about time for a change of season in sunny Merida?

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