Are You as Sick of these Stupid Junk Mails as I am?

The innumerable emails that arrive each and every day announcing that I am a winner of this lottery or that make me wonder if these idiots that make this stuff up are actually having any success?

The one that caught my eye today was from the British Columbia Lottery. So many things are wrong with this email that it made me wonder about their success rate with this.

For example:

  • The return address is which is a Mexican government website, supposedly; obviously fake
  • The explanation says that the Colombian government together with the British government put this lottery together. Obviously the originator of this email is a geographic moron
  • The address of this “lottery corporation” is in Liverpool, England
  • The signee of this letter is Sir Gordons Fletcher. We stopped using royal titles in BC some time ago and Gordons with an ‘s’ sounds weird, doesn’t it?
  • The mail states that you must contact the Royal Bank of Scotland to claim your prize. Geez, any other countries involved?
  • The email (in Scotland, ha ha) is Very Scottish, no?
  • The prize (for this BC Lottery) is paid in pounds sterling!

Bloody morons. So the question remains: is there any stats on how many people actually respond to these?

9 thoughts on “Are You as Sick of these Stupid Junk Mails as I am?

  1. OMG don’t get me started! What about all the Viagra and zillions of other drug emails, not to mention the unmentionable ones…actually what I wonder more than what their success rate is, is WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE AND SEND THESE EMAILS? Can you imagine, you’re at a party, and you are telling a new person you met that you are a waiter, or nurse, or magazine editor, or T-shirt store owner, and the person says, well I’m Joe, and I write junk emails. I’m waiting for this to happen to me. I’ll be sure to let you know.

  2. You would be amazed how many respond, no actual numbers but if people did not respond we would not see these kind of emails…

  3. It’s the spammers who attempt to infiltrate my blog who really get me. Sometimes a real comment almost gets swept away with the fake ones, which really makes me angry.

  4. I submitted a resume to a Mexican jobs site–completely in English because I’m looking for an English teaching position. I received two e-mails in Spanish–one supposedly from Pepsi and one supposedly from CocaCola–but both with the same wording. According to my resume, I look like the perfect candidate to be a manager, and I only need to deposit $300 MX into a Banamex account to cover training expenses. I wondered if anybody actually fell for that scam.

  5. Sara – 300 pesos for training – that’s CHEAP! Go for it!!! (sarcasm)

    Curl – Hmm. Good idea!

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