Vietopia – Houston, TX

A quick layover in Houston on the way to Vancouver gave Better Half and I the opportunity to try the Vietopia restaurant, a busy with the lunch crowd Asian place in a strip mall near the Galleria area. The food was fine, although I have had better, particularly the General Tsao chicken. Better Half had some vermicelli with goodies on top and it came in a huge bowl which seemed to never empty. It was good, but not an OMG moment.

Go back? Probably not.

2 thoughts on “Vietopia – Houston, TX

  1. Hola. As a Houston gal living in Merida, I have a recommendation for Vietnamese food during a future stopover in Houston. Les Grival’s Sandwich and Cafe on Milam in downtown Houston is good food, quick, and affordable. Next to the Bellaire Vietnamese community, Milam street in downtown has a variety of choices and easy access from IAH. Another to consider for whole fish or vermicelli is Van Loc, also on Milam. As to Vietopia, I agree. I lived in that Galleria area for over 20 years….there are so many great places to eat in Houston! Cheers, Lola

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