What’s With the Masks on the Ham and Cheese People?

Is it just me or does anyone else out there think that the ham and cheese folks in the super markets look absolutely ridiculous with their mouth and nose covering masks? I mean, I don’t see this in the US and Canada where presumably people are also salivating on the merchandise before wrapping it and handing it to the customer. Or is it that the authorities have identified Mexicans as carriers of some rare disease that can be spread by breathing on ham? Perhaps the supermarkets are hiring people that are inadvertently discovering they are allergic to the smell of nitrates and since it is a pain to fire them, the mouth and nose coverings are the solution. Or the powers that be have discovered that people are eating too much of the ham and cheese and therefore profits are being affected and so…. a physical barrier to mid-shift Serrano ham snacking.

De veras, this country gets more and more ridiculous every day, trying to emulate other more advanced nations with policies that are completely and ludicrously out of touch with reality. What a ridiculous measure by the so-called health “authorities” who spend their time screwing over the established businesses; easy marks for the rules they invent in some office where they download health manuals from Swedish websites and decide that these will be perfect for Mexico.

Meanwhile, there are potentially hepatitis-infused tacos on the street,  partially-cooked grilled chicken sold out of a garage, the eggs covered in chicken excrement and transported in open pickup trucks in the hot Yucatan sun with their potential for salmonella poisoning, the slices of bistek laid out on tables in the middle of the supermarkets (because the air conditioning is cool and so that keeps the meat fresh and e-coli free RIGHT?) and the tamales sold street side in filthy aluminum pots filled with dubiously sanitized ingredients in someones hygiene-challenged kitchen are permitted. No problema!

We can’t really go after all those people because there are simply too many and if we hit the supermarkets and mall stores people will think we are really becoming a first world nation.

Know what? People will not think that and what you are doing is a ridiculous waste of time and money and manpower.

This is yet another shining example of government waste in a country that claims it has no money, implementing and enforcing stupid rules on one captive sector of the economy.

7 thoughts on “What’s With the Masks on the Ham and Cheese People?

  1. On my last visit, I ate a few times at my favorite chain restaurant, and was amused to see all the food preparers wearing the masks, but only a couple had it properly secured over their mouth and nose. Some had their noses peeking out, others appeared to be wearing them as hair net.

    I don’t recall seeing them before the H1N1 scare, which in itself was a lot of baloney.

    In the meantime, my dentist down there never wears the same kind of protection my dentist up here is forced to wear …

  2. True, I forgot to mention that they are also used in some restaurants now. What the hell. Mexico tries so hard to be first world.

  3. Well I actually think it’s not such a dumb idea for the ham and cheese people to wear the masks. Better that than sneezing all over the baloney. In fact it is amazing that in Canada where everything is so regulated they don’t actually do this.

    I get your point, but why shouldn’t Mexico strive to be first world? Who wants to be third world? And who dreamed up those “world” labels anyway?

  4. I have no idea who makes up these world labels! But I don’t think they need to be using masks; it’s not brain surgery, it’s ham. And yes, it IS amazing that in overly regulated Canada they aren’t doing this, which makes me wonder why they’re doing it here. I agree that Mexico should strive to make progress, but masking the ham and cheese people isn’t cutting it – if you will pardon the pun – in my humble opinion when there are so many infinitely more important and urgent issues to tackle. In fact, I think that the important issues are so overwhelming, so insurmountable, that these easy-peasy methods are a way for the “authorities” to show they are doing “something” when in fact they are doing nothing of any consequence.

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