Ode to the Torta de Lechón

Today I had what may have been the best torta de lechón I can recall ever having in Merida. Maybe it was because I was hungry, although I suspect not as I don’t remember having that ravenous feeling in the pit of stomach that would make even the most sawdust-flavored of sandwiches taste good.

The torta, presented to me in the usual way – on a faded red plastic non-disposable plate -at the Chuburná public market at 10 AM on a Saturday morning showed no signs of being better or worse than any I have eaten elsewhere. The roast pork filled the bread nicely and a strip of crunchy pork skin peeked out at me.

The first bite, however, was the beginning of a bliss-filled, three minute mouthgasm that transcended belief and defies description although I will make an effort.

The bread, was soft and warm; it’s outermost layer slightly crispy so that there was a soft but noticeable “crunch” as my teeth bit into it. The meat inside was moist, extremely flavorful and upon tasting it, my eyes rolled back in my head. The next bite included a bit of the crunchy roasted pork skin alluded to earlier and the citrical (yes I made that up) tang of the onion. Unbelievable. I finished the glorious torta without noticing who or what was around me or where I was. Total oblivion.

Highly recommended.

Chuburná market, Saturday AM.

4 thoughts on “Ode to the Torta de Lechón

  1. I’ll have to try this place, Bill. I just discovered Tortas de Lechon al Horno this year. I had mine in the interior of Santiago Market at La Lupita’s. It was pretty good, too. Warm crispy bread, good baked pork and some pork rind on top. It’s hard to believe something described that simply can be so good.

  2. Hi, Please let me know if you meant Chuburna as near the gulf or right in Merida as in Ric de Chuburna?

  3. Chuburna de Hidalgo, the market. And the little piglet is only there on Saturdays apparently. Boo!

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