My Imaginary Reponse to a Facebook Post

The post:

Does anyone know if the Police ever pick dogs up off the street and if they do, where they would take them?

My potential reply:
They are taken to a special place just outside of town, where they are let loose on a large green property, full of trees and wildlife. Flowers perfume the air. Each morning, they are lovingly brushed and combed and fed a specially prepared gluten free vegan meal. After their teeth are brushed and they are checked for ticks, their activity program begins with Ball Therapy, Frisbee Orientation and Horizontal WoodStuff Fetching. Once they are good and tired, they are made to sit under the big shady Ceiba tree and listen as a volunteer reads the a selection from their favorite book, Ruff Ride. The evening is spent lounging interspersed with the chasing of zorros.

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