Outraged at Tree Removal

IMG_0441 I would hardly consider myself a tree-hugger, but I do love me some trees. And to see a huge, healthy and obviously old tree reduced to firewood in a day, in order to comply with “Mover a Mexico” the federal government’s plan to build more highways and infrastructure, was so saddening.IMG_0437

Apparently we need yet another bridge/overpass on Merida’s periférico ring road and the tree was in the way of this progress and the planners strategic objective of converting Merida into another automobile-centric Distrito Federal or worse, Los Angeles.  Of course these big contracts mean big payouts and payoffs to those approving and participating in these large infrastructure projects that are so necessary to make certain segments of society feel like they are ‘modern’ and ‘progressing’.


How much media play as a forward thinking, environmentally aware administration do you think the city could have gotten out of building a on ramp or overpass or whatever around this tree? Is it really that difficult for planners and engineers to think outside their square box? Do we even need another overpass when there is one just 300 meters away?

And before you misguided Yucatecans (there are a few out there) jump all over me and tell me to go back to where I came from, let me assure you that I am speaking as someone who loves the city and the state and can not fathom the need to emulate the ugly urban sprawl that is so prevalent in the rest of the country, instead of planning something better for our children and grand children and using the talented people we have here to come up with a friendlier, greener and healthier city.


4 thoughts on “Outraged at Tree Removal

  1. You will probably not enjoy hearing that (according to the Diario), the old trees within the site of the soon-to-be constructed mini convention center on Calle 66 between Colon and Cupules are to be ”removed”….and “relocated” near the Periferico (good luck with that).

  2. The future is concrete and plastic trees. Seen the humongous Christmas tree going up in front of Chedraui Norte?

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