About William Lawson

As William Lawson, I have been writing about Merida now for nearly 10 years!

A Canadian “ex-pat” who has lived in the Yucatan for over 20 years now and, in spite of all the criticism, actually thinks it is a fine place to live. There are plenty of good, well-intentioned people many of whom have become friends; the food is fantastic; there are a lot less rules and regulations in comparison to the rest of North America; and the history is – to me – fascinating. My better half says I am more Yucatecan now than even she is, and she was born here.

Writing about Merida, first, there was the NotTheNews paper version, written and then photocopied and handed out to understanding friends who appreciated my sense of humour and enjoyed the sometimes scathing reports of life in Merida, from a neurotic foreigners point of view.

Then it went online, at the website known as Geocities. Remember that one?

After that it was on to blogging and now there is this; a pseudo website in the shape of a WordPress blog disguised as a website.

The Casual Restaurant Critic, who had his own little thing going on with a blog, is now incorporated into this new online venture to bring things together in a hopefully cohesive fashion. Lawson’s Personal Driving Service, yet another offshoot of all things Lawson and Yucatan, will be on a separate WordPress website soon.

Hopefully you will find all this both entertaining and enlightening as well as a little easier to read and navigate.


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129 thoughts on “About William Lawson

  1. Nancy Purinton and Tom Cuff are I’ll and we will not be able to make the trip tomorrow, Saturday to Chichee Itzel.

  2. My husband and I will be in Progresso on Monday Dec 3rd off the Carnival Elation. We
    are interested in booking a tour to the cenotes and would like more info and prices.
    Thank you. Andrea

  3. We are arriving in Progresso on the Carnival Triumph December 24. Would you happen to be available at such short notice?

  4. Hi,
    We are coming to Merida for a wedding and will need some car service. Probably just on the wedding day, but maybe others. You have come highly recommended. Please let me know how to proceed.

    We’ll be in town Dec 24-Dec 31. The wedding is Saturday Dec. 29.


  5. Do you still provide transport from Merida to the Cancun airport? My 70 year old wife has a bad knee and needs to get there on Dec 22. It is hard for her to travel alone via buses. Please respond with your availability and fee via email. If you are unavailable, can you provide a recommendation? Thank you.

  6. Second try:

    Do you still provide transport from Merida to the Cancun airport? My 70 year old wife has a bad knee and needs to get there on Dec 22. It is hard for her to travel alone via buses. Please respond with your availability and fee via email. If you are unavailable, can you provide a recommendation? Thank you.

  7. Hello

    I come to Yucatan and want to visit Celestun and Uxmal and beautiful cenotes. Stay in Merida 3 night. Do you make such tours and how much does it cost for 2 persons. Thank you Ales

  8. How can I reach you? I have read about you and have a visit coming up to Merida and the surrounding area.

    Thank you.


  9. Hi Bill! I am planning to arrive in Merida on January 17th and leaving January 31st, I was wondering you were available for car service/tours. Also, I have an unlocked cell phone, what do you recommend for SIM cards or do you have phones to rent. Our main purpose for a phone is to keep in contact with people back in California. Thanks.

  10. William, we`re a group of 4 Canadians arriving on Carnival in Progresso on Jan 28th and are interested in a 5-6 hr Merida tour including Zocalo, Casa de Las Artesanias, Mercado – some good local food, refreshments along the way and some local history. Have heard good things about your tour. Wondering if you can quote on group of 4 or willing to join with others interested in the same.

  11. Hello!
    We are a family (parents and 5 yr child) from Estonia and would like to go from Cancun to Chichen-Itza, also we are interested to see some of the nature (jungle) parks, maybe around Tulum, or is there any better option? Probably it makes 2 days, one in Chichen Itza surroundings and one around Tulum.
    We will be in Cancun from 15-20 january 2013 .
    We would like to ask if it is possible that you make such tours and what is the cost? Or are you working only around Merida?
    Many thanks

  12. We will be staying in Merida in February (4 adults and 3 kids) and are looking for a recommendation for a cook for a few of the days. Thank you for any advice.

  13. We are arriving in Merida for a stay in Progreso on Feb. 4 from Houston at around 9PM. Would you be available to pick us up and deliver us to Progreso? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Pam Hopper

  14. Hello Bill


    My husband and I will be visiting Merida in first week of Feb. We have just a day in hand to go to Chichen Itza and if possible Uxmal and back. Could you please let me know your availability for Feb 5th as well as quote for day trip to Chichen Itza and Uxmal and back.

    Thank you

    Best Regards


  15. Hi,
    I have read so much about your wonderful cenote tours. We would like to book your services. We are arriving in Progreso from the Carnival Cruise Ship-Triumph on Monday April 1. There are 5 of us, 3 adults and 2 teenagers. Not sure what the process is to make this happen…

  16. Hello Bill,

    My Wife and I will arrive on the Carnival Triumph on Wednesday February 13 , 2013.
    She has limited mobility with her left foot (neuropathy) but does not want to be viewed as Handicapped.
    I would like to take her to the Mayapan plus any other site that you would recommend.
    We both are retired and this is our first Cruise together.

    Please advise on how to arrange for your transportation services.



  17. Hi, My husband and I will be in Progreso, arriving by the Carnival Elation ship, on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013. We have read good things about you and would like to discuss a personal tour. Our interest is in seeing Merida as a possible retirement/expat location. I haven’t seen anyone asking for this type of tour, but seems as though you would be the best at providing this.
    We wouldn’t mind sharing the trip with other people who are interested in a similar experience. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks, Mary Ann

  18. Dear Mr. Lawson,

    As a faithful reader of your blog, I’ve noticed that you seem to know a lot about Yucatan’s education system. I’m preparing to leave Merida and would like to donate a quantity of very good English-language books to the right Yucatecan person/institution.

    Do you have an email address where I can send you a few more details about the advice I’m seeking?

    Or would you please respond to my email address?

    Either way, thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Hi, My husband and I are arriving in Cancun on May3rd, need to get to Merida where we will
    be staying till May 31st. Our flight arrives at 11:59am and we depart on the 31st at4pm. We were in Mexico last year for a week and used local taxies to go to town. We had a really great driver one way and not so great another way. I have read about you and your services and would like
    to inquire about car service to our destination and pick up the day of our departure.

    Thank you

    Oakville, Ontario Canada

  20. Hi,
    I have read so much about your wonderful cenote tours on Trip Advisor and would like to book your services. We are also interested in stopping for luch and a few beers. We are arriving in Progreso from the Carnival Cruise Ship-Elation on Thursday March 21 2013. There are 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 – 18 yr old boys. Not sure what the process is to make this happen…

  21. I may be interested in booking your service. My family and I (4) will be arriving in Progresso on Thursday March 22nd arriving in port around 9 am departing at 4pm. I’m interest in tour options and pricing. Please email me back

  22. Hi,

    This is probably MUCH too short a notice, but I’m wondering if your driving service could handle taking two fit, smart and not too neurotic seniors on a day, or partial day, trip from Merida to Uxmal (and two or three of the nearby smaller sites) and back sometime between March 13th and 17th. We’ll be staying in Merida from March 12 through 18, but I think best not to do it on our first or last day. If so, I’d need to get an idea of the cost. If not can you suggest any not too expensive alternatives to the bus that would give us some flexibility of route and schedule. Thanks. Diane
    p.s. I’ve really enjoyed your blog articles.

  23. Will be in Cancun mid-June 2013 with a group (6adults total) & would love to do an overnight trip to Uxmal, visit a hacienda on the way west, the ruins first thing in the morning the following day, and see a couple of the missions on the Ruta de los Conventos on the return-leg of the trip. Please contact me – you come highly recommended! Thank you.

  24. Hi mr Lawson!
    My friend and I are looking for a driver who will pick us up from La Tortuga Hotel & Spa, Playa Del Carmen on 30/4, drive us to Chichen Itza and drop us off at Merida (hotel to be confirmed).
    Are you available on the day?


  25. We are arriving on Dec 16 on carnival elation, would like information about a ruins tour and shopping, price etc?

  26. Hi. My friend Robert and I will be in Progreso on the Carnival Triumph on Wednesday, November 6th. I would very much like to hear our options as far as going on an expedition with y’all. Thank you.

  27. Hi! My husband and I are spending our birthdays in Merida next week and wondered if you had a guide available on short notice. We’d like to see the cenotes, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and anything else you recommend. We’ll be there from the 13th to the 17th of December. Can’t wait!

  28. Hi,

    My 2 friends & I will be in Merida from the 20th to the 24th March and we want to take a day trip to Chichen Itza on 21 March to see the equinox. Can you advise us what is the best way to do ?


  29. Dear Mr. William Lawson,

    Greetings from the city of Tajmahal, Agra, India !

    Kindly note we have a couple arriving Merida on 22nd June at 1323 hours by AM 515.

    We request you to kindly advise a suggested ity. with cost.

    The tentative plan is :

    June 22 : Arrive Merida and transfer to hotel..Later some city sightseeing. Evening show Merida en Domingo…

    June 23 : Excursions as suggested by you.

    June 24 : trip to Chichen Itza with other spots enroute and end at Cancun hotel drop.

    We shall also need an excellent English speaking guide or guide cum driver…whatever you feel is best.

    The guests are interested in extensive sightseeing starting early morning to avoid heat and cover maximum possible nearby places.

    ( some names are..Uxmal / Puuc Maya sites / Tulum / Coba / Valladolid – We are not aware of their locations and possibilities on what
    can be included in this short duration hence please forgive us and we depend on your recommendations ).

    Look forward to your expert suggestions and ity.

  30. Very interested in the Foodie tour for 4 people (ages 53, 22, 20, 20) on 8/13/2014. Will be coming on the Carnival Triumph. Please let us know the cost and how to reserve. Many thanks.

  31. Hello William Lawson Tours,
    My husband and I will be visiting Progresso in December 2014. (approx. Dec. 16-23). We will be flying into Cancun Intl. Airport. The reasoning behind Cancun vs Merida, is that I want to see all the little villages and anything else interesting along the way to Progresso.

    I was wondering if anyone from your tour company could pick us up and drive us to Progresso? We would also like to arrange several tours to other locations for that week.

    We have been to Mexico several times, we actually spent our honeymoon in Merida/Progresso in 1997, imagine how it was back then. I’m sure you know.

    We really like to see the “real” Mexico and not the “tourist” traps. Maybe some of the local villages around Progresso, which is why I want to drive from Cancun to Progresso. I want to be able to stop at places along the way.

    Uxmal would be great too. Anything else you can suggest would be great.


  32. I would like to get use of a phone where I can also have internet. What are my options?
    I will be in merida for 3 weeks. in Late august.

  33. hello, my name’s kristen. i’m a friend of lin dorton who gave me the blog of debi for connections to help me in my search for 2 friends of mine, emily and ryan (newie) who are supposed to be travelling in yucatan/merida area looking for me…
    the fact that they don’t use computers and my cell with all contact info. was lost leads me online to ask friends of friends…
    if you have heard of anything or know of anyone that comes in contact with a lot of people passing through, anything at all would help,
    thanks for your time,
    (excuse my grammer)
    a friend of a friend,

  34. My husband and I, along with a friend, visited Merida in July of 2014. It was really hot, and had it not been for William Lawson tours, we would not have enjoyed our two week stay nearly as much. It is the most personable and fun tour that we have done. William Lawson is the best!!!

  35. William – my wife and I are visiting Merida arriving by air from Mexico City on 6th Feb 14. We plan to visit Uxmal and Kabah on the 7th and then travel to Playa del Carmen via a stopover at Chicken Itza on the 8th.
    We are booked into the Merida Santiago.
    Would you be interested in quoting for airport collection, the Uxmal tour and the tour/trip to Playa del Carmen?
    Would be interested in any comments/suggestions about our plans.
    Steve Orchard

  36. Hello, my mother and sister are travelling to Merida Oct 30th, arriving 4:35 in the afternoon. I need a car to take them from the airport to Villa Verde Merida, calle 56 between 53 and 55; my mother is in a wheelchair but can go a short distance with a walker, and can get out of a low-slung car like a Buick. They will need a return trip to the airport from Villa Verde on Monday, November 3rd, to catch a flight back to the United States on an 11:15AM flight. Can you help me or recommend someone who can? Please respond to me at paustin@us.ibm.com. Thank you.

  37. Husband and I seeking transport from Cancun airport to Merida morning of Oct 19 at 11 a.m. and then from Merida to Playa Mujeres on Oct 21 leaving Merida about 11 a.m. Can you send me a quote or suggest another company if you are unable to accommodate? Thank you!

  38. Hi William,

    We’re arriving in Merida on 3/31 and wanted to do a day tour on 4/1 on our way to Campeche for a wedding. Can you email us any recommended agenda and pricing?


  39. Hello
    Would it be possible to drive us from merida on the 31th of december to Cancun via visit to Chichan Itza? If yes what price?

    Many thanks

  40. hi William

    my wife and I from NZ are staying in Merida 8th Jan for 5 days and would love to have guide/transport to ruins/canotes on 3 or 4 of those days, can you help ot recommend a contact we can arrange before arriving.
    Also need to get Cancun toMerida and back



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