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HSBC and their Screwy Online Banking

If you are unlucky enough to be dealing with HSBC in any capacity, you will no doubt be familiar with their lackadaisical service, their never-ending charges for all kinds of ‘services’ in dealing with what is essentially your money and their flaky online banking.

This mornings attempt to pay some taxes online was yet another incursion into their frustrating world.

The video below shows the popup window from hell; the one that never goes away and makes it impossible to close your browser window, necessitating a reboot of your computer. Thank you HSBC for these heart-pumping moments of throw-your-coffee-cup-at-your-monitor fury.


Bank Credit Card Interest Rates

For those of you not familiar with the exorbitant rates charged by Mexican banks for use of their credit card, and think you have it bad there in the US or Canada, here’s an interesting tidbit of information, sent to me recently in my HSBC credit card statement by the Banco de Mexico and the Condusef. The former is the central bank in Mexico and the latter is the place to go when you have a complaint or grievance against a bank or credit institution.

The rates, comparatively, for “Gold” credit cards, by bank:

Bank / Product / Annual % Rate

  • Banco Inbursa – Oro Inbursa – 25.5%
  • BBVA Bancomer – Oro Bancomer – 32.9%
  • Santander – UNISantander-K – 33.2%
  • Ixe Tarjetas – Ixe Oro – 35.3%
  • Banamex – Oro – 41.7%
  • HSBC – Oro HSBC – 42.3%
  • Banorte – Oro – 43.8%
  • Scotiabank – Scotia Travel Oro – 53.4%
  • American Express – The Gold Credit Card – 54%

Pretty shocking huh?