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Hope for the Civilized World?

Is there hope for a moderate, internationally friendly, less beligerant, more tolerant elephant to our immediate north?

The U.S. elections results seem to indicate that all the bullshit coming out of the hard-ass Republicans is finally, thankfully, wearing thin on the up-to-now paralyzed by fear citizens of the United States.

I know next to nothing about U.S. politics and so will abstain from voicing an opinion on whether or not having Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house of Representatives is a good or bad thing; but it is interesting that there is now a democrat in that position and a woman to boot, which is is a historical first. And since this position is third in line for the presidency, should something awful befall the current pres and vice pres, heaven forbid, that makes it even more intriguing to this complete outsider.

At least now there will be some actual dialogue back and forth instead of one-sided monologues.

Congrats to those who voted. To those who didn’t, shame on you.