Cell Phones on Airplanes

“Following” people on Twitter can provide you with nuggets of information it seems. Jorgito, an occasional reader of this blog and the one written by the neurotic Casual Restaurant Critic, noted on Twitter that the use of cell phones was now permitted on airplanes.

It was published today in the Diario de Yucatan newspaper, the bible for many Yucatecans and so the story MUST be true.

A quick check on the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) website in the united states doesn’t seem to have anything new on the subject – the last post is dated May 30, 2006. You’d think the subject would be on the front page if they had approved this.

So does this mean that you can only use cellular phones in Mexican airspace? I’m confused.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phones on Airplanes

  1. Oh — I read that in the Diario too, and of course assumed it was "worldwide". I guess that means I'm almost Yucateca.
    I do HOPE that cell phones stay on the forbidden list…it's bad enough being forced to listen to inane conversations in the airport.

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