The Casual Restaurant Critic

The Casual Restaurant Critic is an idea that got underway more or less around the same time that the NotTheNews idea began.

The Critic gets a lot of flack for trashing the occasional restaurant that just doesn’t cut it. Usually it’s the service, sometimes it’s the food and occasionally something else. Funnily enough, a lot of the trashed restaurants are usually out of business within a year or two, proving that the Casual Restaurant Critic is not that far off in assessing their culinary merit.

There are, of course, some gems in Merida that one should not miss and the Critic points those out as well so if you are local and are getting your fustan in a twist, relax. It’s just one persons’ opinion and if you really like the place that the Critic has just trashed, go eat there daily to keep them in business!

All posts are combined on this new blog. The regular “Life in Merida” posts together with the Critic’s reviews. In order to make it easier to get to the Casual Restaurant Critic’s reviews, they have been labeled or categorized as such. If you click on the Casual Restaurant Critic category, all the critiques should show up. If not, let me know. At the bottom of the main or home page, you will find ‘categories’ and if you click on the Casual Restaurant Critic category, those posts made by the cantankerous Critic will appear.

At the moment, I am thinking about (and have already done a few) moving all the older posts from the previous blog here, the Critic will continue to post both to the old blog and this one and after a while, according to reader preferences, the old one will either be eliminated or not.

5 thoughts on “The Casual Restaurant Critic

  1. Hey Wiliam!

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your blog. I love seeing people reaching out and offering advice and guidance to others, especially if using the internet as a medium. Also, as an ex-pat myself, I find your blogs not only entertaining, but helpful as well… and I appreciate your point of view as a “neurotic foreigner”!

    I am from Atlanta, Georgia but am now living in Monterrey working for a new start-up called Conekta ( It’s a platform for recommendations of the best businesses in all of the cities in Mexico, including restaurants of course. Conekta was founded by a group of engineers from the University of Waterloo and is supported by investors in San Francisco ( You can check us out on as well as

    I would like to offer you an elite user account in return for making recommendations on our page. An elite account means that your reviews will be the first to appear on a business’ page in addition to having a link to your blog or web page on all of your comments. Also, you would have a Conekta profile with your information and a title below your name of something like “Critico Profesional de Restaurantes”.

    Please check out our page and let us know what you think!

    Christina Kaney
    Conketa Community Manager, Monterrey

  2. Hello,

    Great site! Looking to relocate. Can you provide me some insight relative to employment there? I have 20 years, financial institutions primarily , management experience. Also, sales experience and have worked in restaurants. Family of four, with two children, ages 12 and 4. Looking to rent first then possibly buy. What is the rental price for a nice two bedroom?

    Thank you!

    Richard aka Ricardo!

  3. Once again I want to thank you for the restaurant reviews. The ones we have tried so far this year are :
    Las Yuyas (twice), they had great food and good service.
    Kraken had the best coconut shrimp we have ever had and once again the service was great.
    Eureka as you said was fantastic, the tiramisu was out of this world good.
    Shuteln was great the first time we went but the second time they did not have ice cream that we went back for.
    La Petit Delcie was just as good this year as it was last year.
    We also love La Rueda in Yucalpeten, which I don’t think you have ever reviewed.
    We have two more weeks in Merida, so if there is another restaurant we should try, please let us know. Thanks again for the excellent reviews.

  4. Thank you so much Sharon! Like many bloggers, I often wonder if anyone reads my rants and raves at all anymore in this age of Facebook!

    Have you tried Peruano by Santa Lucia square? Wonderful ceviches Peruvian style! Get the trio to try a bunch. They’re big too.

    Miyabi for sushi, La Pigua for seafood (lunch) and the Gloria Cantinera (on the same street as Petite Delice) should be on your list at some point. I have tried La Rueda actually, some time ago, but never got around to writing a review! And next to Shuteln, Radio Station pizza has some great home made pizzas that come out thin and hot and tasty. And they’re all named with some musical reference. The owner is the husband of Better Halfs cousin, and a fan of rock. His videos promoting his pizza place are done with a band, playing right there in the parking lot. You can find them on Facebook.

    Muchas gracias!

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