Days Before ‘El Grito’

If you have lived in this country long enough, you will know that each September, the president stands on the balcony of the presidential palace and does the ‘el grito‘ ceremony, which is a solemn yet joyous act whereby the Mexican populace is reminded of their revolutionary roots by the President who shouts (thereby comes the term ‘el grito‘) things in a revolutionary manner from the aforementioned balcony.

I don’t want to get into whether I think this is a good idea or not, or even the actual text of what the President is supposed to gritar – it’s not my place to criticize the customs of a country still caught up in the revolution, complete with images and songs about cannons, horses and the like – in this particular diatribe.

No, here I am wondering how this time the event will prove to be most interesting since we will have two presidents! The deluded Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador – most likely to lose the past presidential election – has declared that on the night in question he will have a huge meeting in the z√≥calo in Mexico City where he will singlehandedly, unilaterally (and, I would suggest, unanimously) declare himself President of Mexico. This is exciting because Mexico already has a president and his name is Fox. So there will be a face-off of sorts in the plaza that night; Lopez Obrador shouting to the country that he is the president and that the elections were a fraud, and Fox Quesada shouting “Viva Morelos, Viva Mexico” at the top of his lungs from the balcony.

Who will win the shouting match? It promises to be an interesting night.

These are interesting times we live in… keep your eyes and ears open.

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