HBO Sopranos Finale

Since the internet is abuzz with all kinds of whining and moaning about David Chase’s choice of ending for the much-lauded Sopranos HBO series, I thought I would get my two centavos worth in too.

I was shocked – as was my better half – when at the climactic moment in the final episode the screen went to black! Scrambling off the sofa to check if I had sat on the remote and checking the ‘on’ light of the satelite receiver, the amp and everything else, I then assumed it was the satellite dish readjusting itself (it does that around midnite every 24 hours) and thought what terrible timing!!!

And then the credits came on. No music. Interesting, since all the shows have ended with some sort of different and original musical background.

There was really no better way to end this since any ending would have had its detractors and there was no way to satisfy every or anyone. This way, everyone will be talking about the show for some time to come.

One thought on “HBO Sopranos Finale

  1. Funny. We had the same reaction. We thought our satelite connection must have come loose. How surprised were we to see the same thing happen again at 9:00. My wife the TV writier thought it was a facile exit, but I am inclined to think it is as good as any more specific denouement.

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