Mexico Home to Pac Man Champ of the World

For those international readers who think that all news about Mexicans regards illegal immigration or refried beans here is a news flash:

Carlos Romero, a 27 year old from Pachuca, Hidalgo attended the Pac Man Championship held recently in New York City, where the 10 best players in the world played Pac Man on the new Xbox 360.

The first Xbox 360 Pac-Man World Champion, Carlos Romero, has been playing Pac-Man since 1986, and achieved a final score of 222,160.

This is the champion OF THE WORLD! And he’s a Mexican! See what can be done if you try hard enough? This should be an example to follow for Mexico’s troubled youth. Truly inspirational.

This is not the photo taken when he won, apparently. It is probably his school photo; they’re always deadly serious photos, those official ID shots, no smiles allowed.

Congratulations to Carlos Romero – a modern day Mexican hero!

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