Restaurant at Sotuta de Peon Hacienda

Hi. This is your friendly Casual Restaurant Critic reporting on the recent visit to the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, where the Critic stayed on, along with his out-of-town guests, to sample the on-site restaurant, after the dip in the cenote and end of tour. The horse-drawn ‘truck’ conveniently stops directly in front of the restaurant, so it’s hard not to get the hint!

Under the shade of a giant palapa roof, with the breeze from an approaching storm to break the June heat, the Critic and Co sat down for a cool beer and something to eat.

As appetizers, empanadas de queso, which arrived promptly, the golden corn masa crispy on the outside with melted cheese inside and a little tomato sauce on top. Papadzules were very good as well. Before that, the cold beer arrived with two botanas: sikil pak, which is a traditional pumpkin seed and tomato paste that the Critic is extremely fond of, and a spicy mayonnaise-y cream.

For a main course, the queso relleno, another absolute Critic favorite. The cheese was abundant, the k’ol was not too thick and overwhelming, and the amount of raisins, capers and ground meat (pork and beef is called for in this recipe) was just perfect. Tortillas were hot, corn and reasonably fresh, although not as fabulous as the thick, handmade works of art served in Mani.

After polishing off at least 8 mouthwatering tacos from this one serving of queso, the Critic had had enough food to last him the remainder of the day, thereby precluding a previously planned nocturnal excursion to Kanasin to show off those panuchos and salbutes to his visiting guests.

Service was fine and overall, it was a perfect end to the Sotuta Hacienda tour. Rating? The Critic gives it a 5 on this occasion.

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