Pirate Cigarrettes in the Yucatan!

In case any of my readers are still smoking, I have this curious bit of info for you.

On the way back to Merida from my recent excursion to the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, I stopped in the charming hamlet of Molas to buy some smokes at a roadside store.
When I lit the first one, I noticed that it was awfully harsh. Harsher than usual, anyway. So I had another look at the label and it was not in Spanish as usual, but in English. Intrigued, I looked at the side of the box and saw that they were made in… the Philippines!

How in the world did these nasty – and I don’t mean nasty ‘cuz they’re from there, but because they were truly nasty, throat scratching, cigarrettes that I ended up throwing away – Filipino cigarrettes get to Molas?

One thought on “Pirate Cigarrettes in the Yucatan!

  1. Hi William,

    Why not switch from the US Marlboro (only a higher power kwons where they are put together and with what) to the more local US State name cigarettes.
    We are not allowed to advertise, but the name of the US state is Montana.

    And they are Hecho in Mexico….


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