Coffee Cup Café – Boulder City, USA

On the road…

Just outside of Las Vegas, on the way to the Hoover Dam, lies this charming little hamlet, which deserves a stop on it’s own because it is really quite lovely. However, the reason the Critic stopped here on his way to the Dam, is because the concierge at the Palace said “stop at the Coffee Cup; it’s great”.

These are the kind of local, insider tips a food addict like the Critic loves and appreciates, so not stopping was not even an option.

It’s a diner, it’s on the main street in Boulder City and it’s reeaal casual. No uniforms, no “hi I’m Madison and I’ll be your server”, no maitre’d, no celebrity chef photo hanging outside. It’s great! Finally, the real thing!

The Critic had the Chicken Fried Steak with eggs and hash browns. Huge, somewhat greasy and extremely satisfying!

Breakfast for two here will run you about $20 or less and is a welcome break from the crowds, the plastic and the blinking, flashing lights of Las Vegas.

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