Smoking Ban In Malls Now in Effect

Some of you may remember a while back I posted energetically regarding smoking in restaurants. In it, I mentioned that the malls were still smoke-friendly.

Well, no more. The Gran Plaza has finally abolished smoking in the mall, which includes those cafeterias and restaurants like Segafredo, Italian Coffee, Kukis by Maru and Italianni’s. This on the heels of the smoking ban in their sister mall Altabrisa which had already transformed itself into a smoke-free area.

I’m a big fan of keeping the government out of the private lives of the citizens it purports to govern and am for the idea of the owners of private property making the call as to whether or not smoking should be allowed. This argument, I realized the other day as I argued it with a die-hard McCain fan, was actually the true Republican position, where-as she was arguing it from a Democratic POV.

Once again, I digress.

I suspect the Gran Plaza management, if the terms management and Gran Plaza can be used in the same sentence, decided to ban smoking because of the law banning smoking in public places. I would like to think it was their decision, but it probably wasn’t.

But you know what? The air actually smells cleaner now in the mall, although on the Casino/Comercial Mexicana side of the mall there is still a noticeable – and very disagreeable cigarrette odor.

And I now smoke less when I am at the mall, since I step outside to do it.

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