El Fogon – Antojitos Revisited

note the finger – the Critic was being discrete…

Just days after visiting this place for the first time, the Critic stopped by again to pick up an order of consommé and pozole to take home to a sick Better Half. When you have a cold, a hot consommé or spicy pozole should be just as good as a hot chicken broth – or that was the thinking.

In any case, in short order the Critic was heating up both soups at home and the portions were just enough to feed two people. They came with tostadas, oregano, lettuce and radishes, spicy ground chiles, salsas; all the possible condiments you could wish for to dress up both of these broths.

Delicious was the verdict, the Better Half did not get much better but it was tasty.

Total price of this take out? $54.00. Unbelievable. That’s less than 5 usabucks for 2 orders of home-made soup.

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