Tacos de Jiba

Tacos de Jiba could be translated as ‘hump’ tacos, since they refer to the jiba on the backs of the local cattle, which are the hump-backed variety. If you can get over the image of eating meat carved from that bump, you can try the tacos at this taqueria located behind the Gran Plaza shopping mall.

The sign looks promising, and the location is perfect for an after-work bite.

Unfortunately, that is about all that is good about this place. There is one, hapless waiter and what seems like someone’s grandmother in the kitchen (although this cannot be confirmed because you cannot see the kitchen) since the food preparation is extremely sloooooooooow.

Once you are seated, the little man comes over, leaves you a menu and takes your drink order and after some time returns with that and then will take your order. On this occasion, the Critic and his BH ordered a guacamole to start and 2 orders of tacos. After what seemed like an eternity, during which time the Critic enviously eyed the crepes coming out the kitchen next door (the tables are mixed together, some for the crepes place and others for the taqueria) and began to chew on the potted plants nearby, the first order of tacos arrived. Just one, mind you to make the meal more interesting. Half the party waited patiently while the other half said, go ahead, they’re going to get cold. After some time, the waiter passed by and the guacamole was asked for. It’s coming. Then it came out and after another short wait, the other order of tacos was brought to the table. There were cutlery issues as well but the over-all impression was of extreme slow-ness.

And how were the tacos? Nothing to write home about. For just over 100 pesos you can eat here, but don’t come hungry or expect any kind of service. You are far better off at the million other tacos places in Merida.

Rating: 2. Don’t bother unless you are totally desperate and have no car to get anywhere else.

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