La Chozita

Another one of those great finds, La Chozita is located in front of the multi-million dollar investment white elephant known as the Hospital de Altas Especialidades or something equally pretentious (isn’t it great how a country as poor as Mexico can spend this much money on a first-world hospital and then not open it?!) in that newly popularized part of town known as AltaBrisa. Yes, where the mall is.

This little gem is located across the street from all that shiny new commercialism.

There is a palapa roof to identify it with; right next door is a tiny cibercafe where one can presumably check email and surf the web. Parking is on the street in front and there are 4 tables.

La Chozita is home made Yucatecan food and had been previously recommended to the Critic. The wait seemed eternal; a full 20 minutes passed from the moment the very smily cook came out of the kitchen to take the orders, carefully writing down the very complicated order of salbutes, polcanes and empanadas to when the first food actually appeared in front of the ravenous Critic and the BH.

As a friend would say… “To Die For”. This was so good it was ridiculous. The empanadas were crispy, the salbutes were as well and that carnitas were tasty. Everything was freshly made, and fried to order. Unreal. The habanero and separate tomato sauces were a refreshing, biting complement to all that fried masa.

5 salbutes, 1 polcan, 2 quesadillas, 2 cokes and a bottle of water came to the even more ridiculous amount of… ready for it? $80.00. PESOS!!! Even with a $20 peso tip, this bill for lunch for two came in at under $8 USD at today’s exchange rate of $13.75 pesos/1 usd.

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE STAYING AT THE IN KA’AN GUEST HOUSE – this is just around the corner from you!

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  1. Well, I hope you don’t have to go the hospital often or soon! Thanks for stopping by and visiting the Critic!

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