A NotTheNews Shout Out to the Israelis!

Don’t know much about history, or so the song goes.

I don’t know much about the Gaza blockade, but it sounds like a real piece of work coming from a people who suffered a holocaust.

Also a great way to Win Friends and Influence People on the international stage.

Happy Hanukkah, people!

2 thoughts on “A NotTheNews Shout Out to the Israelis!

  1. The whole tit-for-tat mess is such a dead end. Aren’t they ever going to get tired of it and realize how pointless it is?

  2. Agree with you on the decrepit facilities available to tourists in Mexico.
    As for Gaza, perhaps it has escaped your attention that the Hamas government,and its other terrorist friends, has been lobbing missiles at Israelis and snatching Israelis, and that the on-again, off-again blockade by Israel, at its checkpoints, is a direct response to terror attacks. As for the blockade, take a look at the map and discover that both Egypt and Israel blockade Gaza, with the ok of the Abbas PLA government of the so-called territories/”West Bank.”

    Or do you just like to take potshots at Jews? There is NO valid comparison between the holocaust and the defensive measures taken by the State of Israel, except to a amoral lover of “progressive” dictators like ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter.

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