Banana Leaf Malaysian Restaurant (Vancouver)

Yes, Paul, we’re still in Vancouver. 🙂

The Banana Leaf is one of several restaurants mentioned in the Best Of Vancouver book Better Half had the good sense to buy on the second day in the city. The Critic and his BH visited the Denman street location, an easy stroll from the downtown West End area and right on English Bay, so a stroll onto the seawall (or a small portion thereof) at Stanley Park is not out of the question.

sampler menu

Instead of ordering off the menu, the Critic and BH decided to try the sampling menu, which featured about 4-5 dishes with a little of everything. The prices was great, the service was charming although there were some lulls between the different servings, but the food was, as the book had promised, outstanding; light, but not insipid; full of exotic flavors that appear briefly on your tongue like dancers on a stage, only to dart off again and make room for the next performer.

The dessert was a pair of delicately fried bananas, accompanied with coconut ice cream and drizzled with what tasted like molasses. The flavor combination of the slightly tart banana, the bittersweet molasses, the coconut ice cream and the texture combination of the mushy banana, the light, crispy coating, the smooth ice cream and the temperature combinations of icy cold and hot, made for one exquisite dessert!

Washed down with an ice cold Singha Thai beer, this meal was a highlight in Vancouver. Highly recommended!

top to bottom: appetizer sampler plate, salad first course, delectably fried bananas for dessert

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  1. Used to live almost around the corner… Loved that restaurant. Asian restaurants are what I miss the most about Vancouver, here in Portland not many good ones… I don’t expect much from Merida either when I move there…

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