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Well I slept on it (yesterday’s post was written at midnight and in a rush of indignation) but this morning I find myself still a tad worked up over this ‘new’ mobile phone registry news item.

I found a better link on the subject on the news site for Milenio. You can read it (in Spanish, of course) here.

The federal government, through the Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB) and its’ Registro Nacional de Población or RENAPO (don’t you love all the initials!) will be charged with the safekeeping of your personal information. Fear not, Big Brother conspiracy theorists, it’s all in good hands.

Meanwhile the cell phone companies, such as TelCel, IUSACel and MoviStar will be responsable for ‘control and storage’ of your calls and text messages. I am sure you are relieved to know that this information is being stored on your behalf. I know I am.

You have until April 10th next year to register your phone; if you don’t, your phone line will be de-activated.

I am not so much concerned with my personal information being in a databse; that’s already a given, whether I live here, in Saskatoon or in Phoenix. It’s just that this measure, which is supposed to combat crime, and the way they are implementing it, is so onerous and full of loopholes so as to make it useless. And more intrusion by government into our private lives.

Of course we are in Mexico, dear reader(s) and so there is a very substantial possibility that this law will be struck down once the deadline looms near. Remember that mega-million dollar airport project near Mexico City that was cancelled by machete-waving campesinos. Think of all those tenencia, agua potable, predial and other deadlines (deadlines!) that were extended and then extended some more. The discounts given to those who pay their government bills late. If enough people don’t register and/or protest, this new law may also just be ‘postponed’ indefinitely.

So I wouldn’t rush out just yet to register anything.

One thought on “More on the Mobile Phone Registry

  1. I'm rather ho-hum about being in another registry as well. I'm in dozens, from the migra to Telcel anyway. However, I don't have a CURP so somewhere on the bottom of my to do list is going to get one before next April… or not if the law changes.

    'human air bags' that's a phrase that will stick with you. I'm rather bleh about that too since I grew up in the age of no seat belts and riding in my mom's lap was common. I guess if you are not used to it, it seems more scandalous.

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