Register your Cellular Phone or Lose it

It seems that when it comes to Draconian laws that infringe on your privacy, the United States (Patriot Act) is not the only country to come up with new ways to create more bureaucracy and poke around in your life.

The newly decreed Mobile Telephone Registry program, now officially a part of the Mexican governments’ Telecommunications Law, states that everyone who owns a cellular phone, both on a plan basis or pay as you go, will have to register the number with the ‘authorities’ who promise to keep your personal information private. Yes. Well. Give me a moment to have myself a chuckle.

The purpose of this new Big Brother law is to have everyone’s phone in a database so that if there is a crime involving a cell phone, the all-knowing, competent and completely efficient and honest authorities can trace the telephone used, back to its registered owner, thereby solving the crime! Hooray!

Anyone familiar with laws and police work in this country will probably just shake their head.

Now originally, they said they would like your name, current address, photo ID and even a fingerprint. You had to go and present your documentation to some sallow faced burocrat or some executive at your local TelCel office. Fine and dandy. That might actually have worked.

Now, however, they have made it easier for everyone and have completely defeated the purpose of the new law (matching phones with users) by stupidly introducing the text message option of registering your phone. You type in your name, date of birth and voila! Alternatively you can type in your CURP (another government ID comprised of birthday, initials and some other number or letter) Your phone is registered! Wonderful!

My question is this: HOW DIFFICULT WOULD IT BE (assuming you are one of the bad guys) TO TYPE IN SOMEONES NAME AND DATE BIRTH or another CURP (I bet there is a programmer out there that can generate fake CURPS in the hundreds) and thereby create a false registry and/or cause someone completely innocent to find themselves involved in a crime?

Does anyone else see the stupidity and the futility in this? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!


These are my first impressions. Chances are good that there will be more later!

3 thoughts on “Register your Cellular Phone or Lose it

  1. I am not registering mine until the end of the time frame (which is about 9-10 months from now).

    In the sad event that they force me to register it, I will probably use my grandmothers information… There is rumor that this stupid law will be removed but well, we'll have to wait and see.

  2. How will they control/check the registration?
    Is the police allowed to ask you for the proof when you're walking on Calle 60?

    How can you give proof of registration?

    If they remove the law, what will happen with the already on file data?

    What can happen if you do not register?

    I have an 'international' (european multi frequency) cellphone.
    Do I have to register?
    Hell no !

    Make a law to prevent the use of children as living airbag….

  3. Asi es Jorgito and Jan. This law might be 'abandoned' and then what happens to your information. It's just too ridiculous. And yes, the Living Airbag Law is a good idea!

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