Twitter down this Morning?

Getting all ready to Twitter away this morning which I like to do in lieu of exercise and what do you know? Twitter won’t load.

A quick Google search takes me to the Twitter status page and it informs me that they are under ‘attack’ and are ‘defending themselves. A Denial of Service Attack. I had to look that up and Wikipedia says the following:

A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the concerted efforts of a person or persons to prevent an Internet site or service from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely. Perpetrators of DoS attacks typically target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways, and even root nameservers.

So much activity – I’m exhausted.

Have a great day everyone!

One thought on “Twitter down this Morning?

  1. From :

    What are we doing while Twitter is down?

    – Worrying how everyone will know Twitter is down if we can't tweet that Twitter is down

    – Desperately trying to write 140 character notes on our business cards

    – Yelling I'M THINKING ABOUT GETTING A BURRITO as loudly as we can

    – Calling our friends one at a time and saying "Really fast, what are you doing right now?"

    – Weeping at how the world we lived in could be ruled by such an unjust and vengeful god

    – Settling for updating our Facebook status, though it's not the same

    – Worrying about how @THE_REAL_SHAQ was doing

    – Going to the bathroom without telling anyone

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