Il Piattino Italian Restaurant – Altabrisa, Merida

The Better Half and the Critic had lunch at Il Piattino today. Nothing new about that, it’s been done before but the Critic noted that he hadn’t written about previous visits.

Il Piattino is a place for a casual pasta, panini or salad. Prices are cheap and the location is right across from the white elephant Hospital de Especialidades, run by the IMSS (say no more) in that new, fashionable part of town called Altabrisa.

Upon entering the restaurant, the Critic and his Better Half bumped into the only waiter on duty, who was so absorbed with counting the change on a bill he was returning to a table, that he was unable to acknowledge in any way the presence of two more guests that he would be serving that day. Off to a good start!

Today, a salad and a panini were ordered. The salad, a Caesar that actually looks like a Caesar unlike the awfully original Trotters’ version, came out almost immediately, while the panini took an eternity during which time the Critic was able to check multiple email accounts on his cell phone thanks to free wifi that the restaurant offers. The bathroom is an un-air conditioned cubbyhole, hot, not very clean and featuring an open hole for an air duct high up on the wall that a Komodo dragon sized lizard could crawl through at night. Needless to say the Better Half finished her salad eons before the Critics’ food was brought, making for some interesting speculation as to what was causing the delay. Perhaps they had to go to Italy (or Costco) for more prosciutto? It was decided, once the plate arrived, that it was the fault of the french fries; which probably took a while to get well, fried.

When the time came for the bill, the Critic went directly to the cashier, which caused a little confusion, since the generally accepted procedure is to get the bill from the waiter, but time was a factor and the Critic wanted/needed to leave. The cashier hummed and hawed a bit, and of course her confusion was understandable, since the Critics’ was the ONLY table left in the restaurant and it must have been challenging to locate la cuenta.

The bill came to 150 pesos with one bottle of water and the aforementioned food items. The salad was passable, the sandwich as well, but this is by no means a destination to be visited at any cost.

There will be however, a new Wok to Walk in this same plaza that already has El Viejo Molino pulling in crowds. Stay tuned!

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