Doña Tere – Merida Cancun Toll Highway

Being as the Casual Restaurant Critic accompanies Lawson wherever he goes, he has had his fill of Yucatecan food lately at Doña Tere, on that service island 1.5 hours out of Merida on the Merida-Cancun toll highway.

There have been at least 7 drives back and forth, picking up people from Cancun and bringing them to Merida and ALL of them have been forced to stop and eat at Doña Teres’ fabulous place.

Yesterday was no exception and the Critic has never seen that many people waiting for tables as the waiters and cooks scrambled to keep up with the demand. It’s the end of the holiday season and there were at least 60 people in and around the restaurant trying to get their teeth on Relleno Negro, Cochinita, Lomitos, Tamales and cheese empanadas.


2 thoughts on “Doña Tere – Merida Cancun Toll Highway

  1. I am freezing my ass off in Tulsa and reading your review of Dona Tere. Now I'm wondering if the ADO bus is going to stop to let us eat when I arrive on the 20th? I hate to make the husband drive all the way from Chuburna to pick me up in Cancun just so we can eat at la Dona's. I don't know if I should even read on. My mouth's watering over the prospect of Relleno Negro, Cochinita, Lomitos, Tamales etc. Sigh.

  2. Well you could always have that Lawson fellow pick you up in Cancun. The stop's guaranteed. OR, go to Colonos' in Merida. Great food!

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