Happy Eating in 2010!

The Critic wishes his readers a happy 2010, full of exciting, new restaurants to try and plenty of good health in order to be able to properly enjoy them. The Critic will continue to praise and trash restaurants in Mérida and beyond, in that socialist schoolboy way, which so many have come to love and hopefully will come in handy when making a ‘let’s go out for dinner’ decision.

All the best,

The Casual Restaurant Critic

6 thoughts on “Happy Eating in 2010!

  1. I am happy to have found you. Who knew there were other updated "news" sites on that Yolisto list? Keep eating and writing.

  2. Hey el maloso, haven't visited you in a while, and discovered (although you had given warning) GeoCities is dead. However, being the persistant individual that I am, I Googled you and found you again . . . .you can run but you can't hide! Happy New Year to you and happy dining (as apposed to eating which is very ordinary)

    from mayagoddess (who has forgotten her password)

  3. Hi William. I check out your reviews whenever I’m looking for some place decent to eat out in Merida. We’ve been curious about S*Tai for a long time and finally went last night. Have you been there and did you review it? I didn’t see a review if you did.

    We were pleasently surprised – very nice tuna encrusted with black sesame appetizer (but small – order something additional if you’re hungry,) chicken with green curry – overly spicey and salty BUT edible. Last but not least – a delicious Pad Thai (with pretty hefty grilled shrimp) – that was the highlight of the night. It was the one thing we ate that pretty much hit the mark on authentic thai cuisine.

    The decors is nice, modern, very loungy and comfortable. Typcial yucatecan service…..after carefully reviewing the menu and the special card that was laid on the table, we were ready to order and ordered the scallops that were on the special card. Of course – they were out of scallops – something the waiter should have mentioned when he laid the special card on the table. Lots of waiters and bus boys walking around but no one got around to cleaning the wet noodles off of the table and we had to track people down whenever we needed anything additional (like a glass of water.) We were the ONLY table in the restraurant – you’d think that they would have been more attentive to our needs. Oh well……can’t have EVERYTHING!


  4. Thanks Chris; I have put your comment up as a post, since it looks a lot like a review and perhaps others would like to see it! I will check out that restaurant, since Thai food is a passion of mine (eating it) and you can’t get it in Merida. Or can you?

    Thanks again.

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