Remixto Sunday Brunch

The Casual Restaurant Critic had the luck to be advised of this once a month brunch event to be held at Casa Mexilio, in downtown Merida put on by and hosted by the intrepid MexiChica and her hubbie.

Let it be said that to start a Sunday morning in a jungle patio with an exquisite Bloody Mary or a Guayaba mimosa is a hell of a great way to wake up in Merida, even with the 40-plus degree heat that is currently plaguing the formerly white city.

Highlights, after the Bloody Mary, were the Eggs Benedict, cooked to perfection and prepared not with ham but with a sabroso hunk of roast pork aka lechon, accompanied by a grilled tomato and some greenery. The french toast, made with rompope and served with a caramelized bacon and soft, mushy-sweet cooked bananas was delicious. So good were these two dishes that the Critic actually ordered both (and ate both, thank you very much). Federico Navarro’s coffee was strong, hot and fresh, silverware was sparkling new and the whole affair was like having brunch at someone’s home; someone who transforms fresh, local ingredients into marvelous mouthfuls in their kitchen and invites you over to sample them.

9 thoughts on “Remixto Sunday Brunch

  1. Thanks for the kind words. We had a great time throwing the event and were pleasantly surprised that it sold out. We’re sad we couldn’t officially meet, but hope to do so one day in the near future.

  2. I was there, but behind the scenes — so far behind the scenes that I never saw a plate arrive in the dining garden, much less have the opportunity to get a photo. They say the food was delicious, so it disappeared quickly. Chefs Brent and Stan were calm, low key and self assured. Thanks so much for posting these beautiful and colorful photos. May I have permission to place one or two on my website ? Roger Lynn HOTEL CASA MEXILIO

  3. Hi Brent and Stan – what great, tasty and beautiful creations from that kitchen!!

    And Roger, of course you can use whatever photos you wish; if it’s not too much to ask, perhaps a link back here or something to that effect. My only concern is that they are not that clear… 🙂

    And yes the food was delicious, so good I ate two breakfasts! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Wow! What a great post and what an honor to be part of it all. I cant thank you and your BH and your minicritic for supporting us on our first effort.

    …and what a compliment it was for Chef Brent to get a second order for your table. 🙂

    I also want to thank Roger of Casa Mexilio for welcoming us in his beautiful garden. Without his generousity , none of this would have been possible.

    Soy una MexicaChica muy agradecida a todos.

    Until next time!

  5. Congrats to all of you for putting together such a wonderful exerience. I am so excited to get back to Merida and join the group for your wonderful brunch. The pics are fantastic.


  6. My husband and I wanted to go but had other plans. Next time. William, I would have been tempted to order both the eggs benny and the french toast too. Did you go alone or was the better half with you? If so, what did she have?

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