Ko’ox Hanal Cocina Economica

Ko’ox Hanal is the name of a little place on 60 street (norte) almost next to Costco, in that little plaza where there is a Tere Cazola cakery, across from RadialLLantas which is the reason the Critic found himself there. Accompanying Lawson to leave the LawsonMobile for a brake checkup, the Critic crossed the street for some lunch, as the Better Half was doing her own thing with friends.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! In spite of its humble appearance one can have a HUGE tasty meal complete with every imaginable food group included for one low price. The Critic opted for the brocheta de cerdo which consisted of very tasty pork chunks, bell peppers, onions and chorizo served with perfectly cooked flaky white rice, refried beans, a SALAD, tortillas and chile habanero sauce.

The total cost of the meal, including a giant glass of iced tea, came to a whopping 47 pesos.

Highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Ko’ox Hanal Cocina Economica

  1. Hi William

    I spend part of the year in our place near Tulum and have several Mayan friends.

    Ko’ox Hanal in Mayan means “Let’s go eat” which is sort of a joke with us when things go bad, you can always go eat. And it looks like you found one of them…

    I’ve been following your comments on life in Merida for years and always enjoy them. Merida is one of my favorite places and we always find time to visit when we are down there.

    Thanks again

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