La Taberna de los Frailes – A Valladolid Find!

Whilst visiting the monastery of San Bernadino in Valladolid yesterday, the Casual Restaurant Critic noticed a new (for the Critic anyway) restaurant directly in front of the parking lot of this often visited Valladolid attraction.

After touring the monastery and its multiple austere charms, the Critic and a guest had lunch at this restaurant, owned by a talented Valladolid woman who is also responsible for the upscale cafe on one corner of the city’s main plaza.

The restaurant is very attractive, with a low-tabled bar at the entrance, followed by a high-tabled bar area under a lush maracuya (passion fruit) vine and an elegantly appointed palapa restaurant in back with real tables and comfortable, cushioned chairs. One is struck immediately by the formal table setting in this casual atmosphere, complete with heavy silver and glassware, starched linen napkins wrapped in handmade napkin rings (made from the thorns of the henequen plant among other things) and tablecloths. No plastic Coca Cola tables here!

The food is fantastic – the Critic ordered the Relleno Negro plate while his guest had the Tsik which is usually made with venison but here is prepared with tender smoked pork and served in a lec (gourd) and is both refreshing and delicious.

Service is very attentive and gracious. While the waiter did not speak English, he was very receptive to some English terminology thrown his way, repeating each word carefully to memorize them.

As far as price goes, the total came to $300 pesos before tip, which included one margarita, a Coke and a bottle of water.

Highly recommended!

9 thoughts on “La Taberna de los Frailes – A Valladolid Find!

  1. I know what you mean about the coca cola chairs……………Wish I had the monies to change mine ……….soon maybe.
    Valladolid seems to be the up and coming place to visit. Lots of money has been poured into the place to clean it up and make it more tourist friendly and new restuarants. Good for local economy
    Keep well

  2. I stumbled across this place a few months ago. The quality of the food is excellent, and Valladolid can be a hard place to find a good meal. I was a bit disappointed in the portion size. Considering that this is Mexico and one can eat find a perfectly delicious dinner for 40 pesos, I was a bit disappointed to find that my 90-something peso appetizer was itty bitty. I won’t deny that it was delicious, though.

  3. As for small appetizers, the ones had yesterday on a repeat visit were gigantic. Really. Especially the nachos, which could easily feed the entire village of Xcunya with no problem.

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