Offended Mexicans vs BBC Comedy

I received an interesting article on the BBC/Mexico scandal in my junk-infested inbox this morning from my dear Better Half, who in turn received it from a friend whose acerbic wit and online social commentary on life in Merida was often the target for xenophobic hate mail accusing her of being *gasp* a critical wach, of all things.

The Milenio article (available in Spanish here) commented on the recent scandal involving the BBC’s program Top Gear, in which the comedy troupe said stereotypical things about Mexicans which apparently, caused the Mexican ambassador to England to feel such distress that he fired off an official protest letter to the government denouncing the show and its “xenophobic” remarks.

The author at Milenio says, in a nutshell, that everyone that is ‘offended’ by the program should take a look at themselves and the discrimination, racism and lack of tolerance perpetrated every single day in this country, by Mexicans.

Also interesting is the debate below the article. I think the author makes a good point. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Offended Mexicans vs BBC Comedy

  1. I was just relieved that (for once) it wasn’t some American saying some ugly stereotype about Mexico.

  2. Being a car fanatic although you would not know it by what I drive today I regularly watch this show. I have watched many other car shows most of which are dull, boring and hosted by pompous individuals. Top Gear on the other hand is entertaining as they do not take themselves seriously and poke fun at all countries and stereotypes. They have roasted the Australians, the Germans, the French and so on (they even went so far as to try and equate murderers in England driving Renaults predominantly so if there is a murder anywhere in England than the police should look for anyone driving a Renault!).

    So yes they made their usual tongue in cheek comments about a Mexican built sports car and Mexicans as a whole including the ambassador. Were they serious, not in my opinion as that is not their style.

    People need to get a sense of humor or humour.

  3. I have had the great pleasure of making friends with some of the most sophisticated, educated, classy, kind and generous people of my life while living here in Mexico. In fact I just left a pleasant morning coffee at the home of some of them today. On the other hand I love Top Gear, and know Clarkson in particular to be a terribly spoiled brat who actually hates everything… but in a funny way, and this is part of their schtick.

    From the sound of Hammond’s accent, he is definitely from the “wrong side of the tracks” and would have no room to talk. What many people don’t realize is that television is a business, it is there to sell ad space, so you’ve got to have a gimmick to make a show that people want to watch.

    Personally I can’t even stand to watch US reviews of cars anymore, let alone US car shows because everything is cross marketed and they’re doing advertising tie-ins, it is so insidious that the “reviewer” really isn’t at all free to say what he or she feels about any given car. Top Gear allows those brutes to say anything that pops into their xenophobic heads, including politically incorrect statements. I actually find it kind of refreshing.

    Heard in isolation, these comments made by the presenters could be taken as horribly racist and wildly uninformed, but if you were to hear their take on all the other peoples of the world you would see that it’s just “what they do.” They are definitely equal opportunity offenders!

    Like they say, “if you’re against abortion, don’t have one,” “if you’re against gay marraige, don’t marry your same sex” and I would say “if you hate Top Gear then don’t watch it.”

  4. One day my husband came home with a whole pack of a series called Top Gear on his hard drive… I know nothing about cars and really dont care… Several days and chapters later I found the series on tv, we have Sky and they are on every day at 8pm… Little did I know I would grow to love this show!! I watch it even when he is not home… I am Mexican and I was so NOT offended this whole ordeal. Like Ray mentions above, people need to have some humor… The French and Belgians get it so much worse on almost every chapter… So relax… its just a funny show…

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