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Private Postrecito Brunch

Chef Alejandra Ponce at El Postrecito recently hosted a private brunch for her chef-y friends and the Casual Restaurant Critic and his Better Half were fortunate enough to be invited. The company was great and the food, as usual, inspired and scrumptious!

Photos: fresh strawberries with mint leaves in a light syrup flavored with spices: crispy salmon cakes.

Real, Delicious, Scones in Merida – El Postrecito

The Casual Restaurant Critic is not a huge fan of scones. Usually, they are these dough-y mounds of white flour biscuit that require several glasses of liquid to swallow; however, the Critic had some scones made by Alejandra at the El Postrecito café, just off Montejo on Calle 21 (the one that goes to Plaza Fiesta).

These are light and fluffy inside, full of buttery flavor and the outside has a sprinkling of sugar which makes them lightly crunchy. The Critic doesn’t even know if they are on the menu but if they are, you should try them in their regular (with what seems like a touch of lemon or lime) or chocolate chip versions. If they are not, order a dozen for your next breakfast meeting or social event.

Eat them hot and you will not be able to stop.