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Thanks to JW for an expat quiz found at http://www.ezinearticles.com/?Mexico:-Expat-Quiz&id=66612 which is, actually a little lame, in the Neurotic Foreigners opinion. For one thing, Mexicans don’t ‘eat styrofoam plates’ and ‘large mountainous piles of dog poop on the sidewalks’ would imply that sidewalks are commonplace. The aforementioned canine excrement can be found much more readily on the many sidewalks of Paris or Cologne.

The expat quiz – IMHO – could be a little more sublime; something along the lines of the questions outlined in the following

Are You Ready to Become an ExPat in Yucatan? Questionnaire.

For Regular Folks

  1. Do you like the idea of giving up the newspaper as a source of objective news?
  2. Do you enjoy the bumper car attraction at your local fair enough to engage in this activity on a daily basis with your own personal commuting device?
  3. While on the subject of driving, do you find painted lanes, traffic signs and other such nonsense to be simply a restriction on your personal freedoms in a libertarian sort of way?
  4. Does the idea of spending a week or more renewing your FM3 permit (lo siento, pero le faltó la copia de su _____) on an annual basis make you feel good about governments in general?
  5. Do you enjoy receiving bi-monthly electricity bills for peso amounts completely at odds with your actual consumption?
  6. When you complain to the omnipotent CFE about the previously mentioned point and realize that it is they themselves who determine – and no one else – what to charge, do you think “Wow, these folks are really efficient!”
  7. How about power outages on a weekly or ‘whenever it rains’ basis? Do those make you think how lucky you are to be able to enjoy conversations with neighbors or dust off that scrabble board and think of interesting words (mayan ones don’t count) by candlelight?
  8. Do you feel superior and get an ego boost when Mexicans jack up the price of anything they’re selling (car, house, rent, whatever) when they see the color of your freckles and hear your terrible accent?
  9. Do you enjoy, and find challenging, remodeling your home on a continuous basis, thereby providing employment for many and varied tradespeople, each of whom will undermine the work done by the previous one?
  10. Does the adoption of stray street dogs and treating them like pampered family members make you feel that somehow you have changed and become a better person?

If you answer “Why, YES” to any number of these questions, you may indeed be ripe for expatriation. Come on down!

Of course there are many more items and perhaps one day I will put them up, especially those related to work and business ownership.

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