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NotTheNews, as a foreigner-published website with a limited readership, has absolutely no right – and makes no attempt to – interfere in the local election process, so I won’t even pretend that I am influencing anyone here, beyond stating a personal opinion.

Sin embargo, and in response to a reader’s question (previous post) I think that Ana Rosa Payan (PAN) is the best choice for governor of the fine state of affairs that is Yucatan.

She is not even the ‘official’ candidate yet, but one of three candidates vying for the position from the PAN political party. PAN, for those of you reading from some other place than the tuch of the world, means Partido de Accion Nacional, or National Action Party. The current president, Vicente Fox, as well as his successor Felipe Calderon and the present governor of Yucatan are all from the PAN party which was Mexico’s second strongest political force, behind the PRI (Partido de la Revolucion Institucional or Institutional Revolutionary Party). After Fox was elected, the PAN became Mexico’s prominent political force.

Back to Yucatan: of the three PAN candidates (lackluster and overtly conciliatory to business Xavier Abreu and over-the-top silly Luis Correa, still riding on his father’s many accomplishments) this neurotic non-interfering foreigner believes that Ana Rosa is the only one that has any huevos (and the other two are MEN who should have some, but don’t) and will be able to do whatever is necessary to move Yucatan forward, in spite of whatever interests and old-school impediments that might present themselves.

As mayor of Merida, her attempt to modernize the stinking cesspool that is Merida’s market was met with much criticism but she actually did something rather than just talk about it. She faced down angry, spoiled locatarios who would have to move their hovels to a different location (they pay next top nothing for the right to occupy these spaces; they should be glad they have a place to sell their crap at all and not have to act like a real business anywhere else).

After seeing her dodge insults and thrown objects as well as a lot of pushing and shoving she had me convinced. Add to that the fact that she has taken her stilted, squawky speaking style and become a lucid and fluent orator (which means she is capable of taking a look at herself and making improvements) has made her a definite forerunner in this race for the governor’s postion… IMHO.

2 thoughts on “NotTheNews Candidate for Governor

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting your story(ies) on the governor race, now that both the PRI and PAN have “selected” their candidates.
    I’m really sick that Xavier Abreu seems to have finagled the panista candidacy. I guess Ana Rosa will try to get the national panista exec committee to change things, but that may not be a good strategy, in the long run (sore loser syndrome?).
    I’m somewhat astounded that Yvonne Ortega was fingered by the PRI (but, should be an entertaining campaign!!).
    I’m intrigued that Dulce Maria is flirting with a PRD candidacy (seems unlikely).
    Y tu?

  2. Hmm. I shall have to gingerly delve into that subject. I am sorry that the cyclist was removed from the race (that humor quotient), as was my own personal favorite, Ana Rosa Payan. I smiled widely at your expression “Yvonne Ortega was fingered by the PRI” but it was an admittedly juvenile lapse. After the December madness (running a business can be somewhat time-consuming at this time of the year) January will be a time for reflection, rest and writing (I hope). Thanks!

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