Merida Scenes

Here is a classic you will encounter when driving ahead. For local drivers, it is very important to not leave a space between you and the car in front of you, and if someone needs to get in, close that gap even further so as make it impossible.

Note the black BMW is trying to turn into the car lot. The white car in front of me has pulled ahead, effectively blocking the BMW’s path.


(sorry for the low quality photo, it’s all Steve Jobs fault)

One thought on “Merida Scenes

  1. It's like driving at the right side of the road, or in the right lane if there are two.

    Nooo!!!, keep left.

    Oh, but wait….right is the side where the thumb is at the left side.
    Problem solved.

    Only use the right lane when you have to make a left turn, without using blinkers.

    I'm still looking fo that little tiny device that can make the horn work from the third car behind me, just a faction after the red light turns to green….
    Any idea where to get that?

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