Tulum is a Dream!

Wow. I admit I am out of the loop and the news that all those little eco-hotels and boutique-y palapa hotels in the Sian Kaan reserve at Tulum are gorgeous will come as no surprise to fans of Quintana Roo beaches, but I was impressed! The place is a fantasy island far removed from giant impersonal AI’s and the overbuilt and underwhelming Cancun hotel zone. I will never go to Cancun or the Riviera Maya again!

These are all iPhone photos; there are lots more on Facebook in an album with the original name of… Tulum.

7 thoughts on “Tulum is a Dream!

  1. WHY will you choose Tulum over Cancun or Riviera Maya; room rates are better, food is better, fewer tourists, calm waters to lay in…not JUST because it’s gorgeous.

    Give us some understanding!!

  2. JUST because its gorgeous!!! Tiny hotels, an eye-gasmic feast of green tropicality, vast white extensions of real sand, low density of people vs space, etc. Just awesome!!

  3. Victor and I had a nice relaxing time in Tulum last year (July 2009). It’s a very laid-back town. So much so, that when we had to get up early to go to Sian Ka’an, it was hard to find a place open for breakfast.

    We stayed at Lo Nuestro Hotel. I don’t remember the names of the restaurants we tried. One converted garage serving dinner only, recommended by the hotel owner, was right around the corner.

  4. Our fave place is Hemingways. It’s just south of Maya Tulum… so not so far down. But the casitas are really nice, the beach is gorgeous and mostly deserted. There are lots of places within walking distance to eat. And there’s a little restaurant at Hemingways that serves THE best Italian pasta with fish-of-the-day. Makes my mouth water just to write about it…

  5. You found my paraiso beach. We owned house merida & own the condo tulum but we sold it last year. I go to tulum everytime I am at my casa blanco merida. It is my paradise most beautiful beach my opinion & I like it rustic & Eco kept it. Cancun is not my cup of tea just like a I am in Orlando Disney. But mom & me had a great time all inclusive hotel grand oasis.
    We will in merida may 19 & we will spend week at merida & week at tulum. Do you scuba diving? It is great experience. My friend, marco & min owns the hotel H2O, they are great teach & diving to cenote is awsome experiences. I am glad you find jewel.

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