Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Ahh yes. Sir Elton John is at Chichen Itzá tonight.

I didn’t go – and I am thinking that I should have gone, to get a first hand account of what goes on at one of these fund-raising events – to what will undoubtedly be a very interesting night, for various reasons:

1. I have had the fortune to see Elton John in concert up close and personal in Vegas, where he was filling in for Celine Dion when she went on a month-long break from her stint at Caesar’s Palace. He is a great performer and with all those hits, you can’t go wrong. So I didn’t need to actually see him again.

2. The prices were through the roof, IMHO.

3. The whole Chichen Itzá as a Sala de Fiestas concept, which I am not a fan of. Besides the possible damage (or not) caused to the site by all those trampling feet and the vibrations or whatever some people are saying, the fact that the site is being used for commercial purposes like this one when there is no benefit to the Yucatecan taxpayer or average citizen.

4. The idea that Elton can come and play and the story about the Mayan elders who can not perform their ceremonies there, probably because no one can make a buck off of them. Seems a little strange to this neurotic foreigner.

5. An abhorrence for crowds and dubious organizational skills as relayed to me by a friend who was at the Sarah Brightman concert. I guess all those volunteers who were recruited a week before the concert didn’t really have the training to handle crowds of this size.

So I am not going. But I look forward to the comments that will surely appear in tomorrow’s papers!

4 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

  1. I didn’t go either –but I avidly turned to the Imagen section of the Diario this morning, to get all the details!
    Elton didn’t stick around long after the concert — arrived later than expected, went straight to his trailer dressing room (missing the welcome committee at the hotel), and then vamoosed outta there to Texas as soon as the concert was over. No overnight at the Mayaland, no special meals prepared by the hotel staff. BUT — Ivonne used his room! And her sister used the bungalow reserved for Elton’s special guests. I wonder if they paid….probably we (the taxpayers of Yucatan) did.

  2. Yes, I went to see him same time you went to las Vegas wit my
    mom. It was a gift from my hubby celebrated her 70′ bday.
    It was a great. Parmela ANderson poll dancing was pretty good
    entertaining. I am not sure about chichen, price tag $70 to $700
    it must have lots money around merida. I am glad I was not in the town.
    I will probably attemp to go but cannot handle traffic & driving.

  3. Hi, William or bill, I saw utube Elton John concert it as fantastic & I would love to go back. I have a questions, you are not the private driver add on blog. His name bill Lawson. Just my curiosity, well life is good, I am working at medical center at Houston, do you know dr. Cooley, his my boss. Life us really short, I keep reminded to my hubby, Walter who retired from governments, tx god at least my tax money goes to him, enjoy life!!!! You cannot buy your good Heath even you are billionare. Keep blog, it is so much fun to read, lol suk

  4. My husband and I went to the concert. I decided to set aside all my doubts and all the politics because I am a huge fan of EJ. I am so glad I did. One of the very top experiences of my life…what a setting, EJ is a phenomenal performer, the moon rising behind the stage, the soft breeze, the Kukulkan pyramid, the fireflies…I honestly asked myself what the ancient Mayas would have thought if they had projected ahead to such an event. They themselves used the site for many ceremonies and other activities, and I am sure some of them were loud, vibrating, and full of people trampling around. Somehow, I don’t think they would have minded.

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