Gasoline Prices Up Today

In case you are not on top of these things, are driving a Nissan Leaf or only use bicycles to get around Merida, I thought I would mention that gas prices went up today, Saturday April 9th, 2011, yet again.

The price of Magna is now $9.08 pesos per liter, Premium is $10.26 and Diesel $9.44.

From my somewhat limited mathematical conversion ability, this works out to about $2.85 USD a gallon for the Magna stuff. Some people say, “Oh, that’s about what we pay back home!” Yes, Virginia, but back home you are earning in dollars and here we are earning in pesos, dear. “Oh”.

Oh, indeed.

4 thoughts on “Gasoline Prices Up Today

  1. For me,
    *minus- I have a huge gas guzzling SUV with a V8 engine
    *plus- it is big, high, and slightly safer against nutcase drivers (of which there are many)
    *minus- it costs 10 pesos an hour in parking lots instead of 8 pesos for a car
    *plus- I only drive about 2000 miles a year
    *minus- I drive nearly every day and crawl around Centro’s streets
    *plus- I’m able to walk nearly everywhere when I don’t have clients
    *minus- I almost never go faster than second gear because of traffic
    *plus- it’s nice and cool inside the car
    *minus- I’m helping to ruin the planet
    *plus- I don’t use ANY home heating oil!

  2. Mr. Lawson – the raised price is something I would like to pay here in NC. Most of the petrol stations locally are at about $3.69/gal. Friends in Los Angeles report some stations hovering near the $5.00 mark.
    Although your point of earning power in peso’s vs dollars is a very lucid deliminator in the “true” cost of gasoline! Love your posts & keep up the great work!
    Dan in NC

  3. Houston, $3. 60, Good thing I invested on oil for 15 yrs & my funds are doing really good. And my gold & siver is doing good. I really do not worry about my retiment bc if y do not have any debt, whereever y live y feel secure. I can say I am an millionaire but that is not enough for millinare view but I can eat bean & rice, yes, I got chanel, prada, gucci, LV, but when y die y can’t take it with y. My mother she has more but she is widow. money does not mean anything. It is how y feel. Do not chase money, live simple life, have a good security mine. That is good life, one thing, eat good food,Be health& watch your weight all the time. If y think over ate, go run & swimming, keep your weight when y were 20′ that is my moto. I am still 100 lbs . Workhard, watch what I am eating, exercise, do my best keep look young. Not easy. I do not eat any sweet so Maru business is not good but I buy for gifts. Pls be healthy, that is the key.

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