Feria de la Chicharra in Xcalachen – Photos

Xcalachen (sh-cala-CHEN) is a neighborhood in Merida’s economically challenged southern half, where the real estate folks advise against buying anything as your property values might not as appreciate as quickly as an investment on the northern side of the Plaza Grande.

Once known for its many chicharronerias or chicharra (pork cracklin’s) stalls, the neighborhood, directly next to Merida’s cemetery, fell victim to decay and the lack of economic opportunity. Now, the neighborhood is coming back to life thanks to the efforts of residents and municipal authorities who have reinstated the colonias most famous product: the chicharra.

In addition, there are many colorful and quite beautiful murals throughout the neighborhood, another effort to spruce it up and make it somewhat of a tourist attraction. Interestingly they are not just great art plastered on an available space, but each painting actually has something to do with the owners of the home or wall where they reside.

Today, November 24th, there was another edition of the Feria de la Chicharra, where pork rinds, fried pork belly, local blood sausage, and a stuffed haggis-like delicacy called buche relleno.

A live band was playing cumbias and other tropical hits while the crowds – and many many policemen from Merida’s municipal police department – filled the streets, munching happily on their cholesterol-laden heart-attack-inducing snacks. The mayor of Merida was also on hand, taking many photos with fans and dragging behind him a large and persistent press entourage.

Enjoy the photos – this is what the walk-through looked like today, from murals to pork to politicos, in chronological order 🙂



The lineup went out the door, on the right

Sour orange, salad and all the ‘fixins’ for your pork rind needs

A cornucopia of heart-stopping goodness

Face painting for the kids too

Merida’s illustrious mayor

Closeup of the Pedro Infante mural

Pedro Infante

Pedro Infante

The mayor and his press entourage

Buche relleno


Simple and clean

The flaking paint make this deer look almost luminous

Amazing street art!


Kimbomba – traditional Yucatan children’s game


8 thoughts on “Feria de la Chicharra in Xcalachen – Photos

  1. What great pictures. We will be in Merida for two and a half months this week. I will make sure that we visit this neighborhood to see the murals. Thanks for letting us know about another great place to see in our favorite city.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! And just so you know, there are chicharronerias open there all the time, not just for the Feria. Another neighborhood with fantastic murals is Amalia Solorzano, near the Tixcocob exit off the periferico. I know I published the photos somewhere, perhaps in an earlier entry or on Instagram (lawsonsyucatanexcursions)

  3. Super! Thanks for the insight! We’ll be in Merida Dec 14 – Jan 5 and will definitely check out Xcalachen and Amalia Solorzano.

  4. I just wanted to thank you again for this post. We went this afternoon and had a great time. We finished off the afternoon with a stop at Myers and La Petit Delice. A great way to spend the afternoon.

  5. Great suggestion! We visited Xcalachen today and loved the murals and delicious chicherones. A lovely neighborhood and such friendly folks. Thank you William. Kim and Dan from Van

  6. So glad you got to see those murals and try the famously fatty and delicious chicharra!! Now go and drink some tequila or mezcal to cut down the fat LOL

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