Grutas de Garcia – Monterrey

While in Monterrey last week, we were looking for something to do and the two attractions that always came up, were the Cola de Caballo waterfall and the Grutas de Garcia. Both were approximately 50 minutes from Monterrey and so a decision had to be made.

The waterfall, while I am sure it is beautiful, is just that: a waterfall. And the caves, according to one former Reynosa resident and fellow Yuca (who, as it turns out, has never actually BEEN to the Grutas de Garcia!) were just caves! He said “If you’ve been to LolTun or Calcehtok, why bother with another set of caves?” Nevertheless, to the caves we went with our trusty cabbie, Miguel Angel.

The drive is not particularly inspiring; the roadside is dusty, rocky and there are myriad constructions both finished and ongoing, and none of it is aesthetically pleasing. There was not one spot where I thought, oh, this is a nice place to stop. Dusty, hot, dry and gray.

Finally we arrived at the town of Garcia, where the road narrows with trees overhanging, making it a welcome green oasis after all that boredom. Just beyond the town itself, are the caves.

A ride up a Swiss-made gondola takes you to the entrance and from there it is a cool 18 degree (Celsius) 45 minute tour in the most spectacular setting you can imagine. The photos speak for themselves.

Highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “Grutas de Garcia – Monterrey

  1. Seen one cave you’ve seen ’em all
    Next time, for truly refreshing, green and quaint go to Horsetail falls

  2. That brought back so many memories. I have family in Monterrey and I remember visiting both La cola de caballo and las grutas de garcia as a child. I still have a picture of myself standing in from of the waterfall wearing tube socks all the way up past my knees (think late 70´s early 80´s) . Yep, its been that long. tee hee

    Great pics! I hope you enjoyed the visit, even if its just another set of caves.


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