Hennessy’s Irish Pub – A New Years Eve Celebration

There is, in this increasingly competitive culinary environment that is the upscale restaurant scene in Merida, a new player in town and it is a stunner! Hennessy’s Irish Pub has moved into a stunning location designed by Henry Ponce the architect, on Meridas most important avenida under the gaze of the nearby Montejo clan statue, about a block from the equally sumptuous Rosas and Xocolate boutique hotel and restaurant, whose most recent claim to fame was Caroline Kennedy popping in for a discrete visit.

When you think Irish pub you think smoke, whisky and a good brawl. No brawls were in evidence at Hennessy’s however, when the Casual Restaurant Critic and his lovely Better Half, along with a new Casual Restaurant Crew, went there to celebrate New Years Eve. The crowd was decidedly upscale, and at least half or more were of the expatriate variety, coming out in all stripes to sip a Guinness and perhaps chat with the ‘impossibly handsome’ owner, one of two actually, who put this place together.

Also when Irish pubs come to mind, the last thing – on the Critics mind at least – is food. What is Irish pub food anyway? A sausage? Something featuring the Irish staple, the potato? No, this was something far, far better.

Appetizers included a spinach salad, fish cakes, an onion soup and the most amazing seafood chowder, red in color and thick with chunks of tender fish and other items plucked from an ocean near you. The main courses had by the table at which the Critic had the honor to sit, were two: the Panchetta and the lamb (or was it beef?) curry. While the curry was tasty and at apparently just the right volume in the spice department, the Panchetta was the hands-down winner. Crispy, fatty pork (how can you go wrong!) on a bed of something that resembled a mashed potato and apple concoction that provided a perfect, sweet without being cloying complement to the perfectly roast pork. And the portions were enormous!

For dessert, there was an amazingly thick cheesecake and a delicious apple strudel, served with vanilla ice cream.

Service was, as is the case at these type of events, adequate at best but always friendly and the ambience as well as the place itself, outstanding. Take your best friends and head over there tonight!!

Please enjoy the photos, provided by a member of the Casual Restaurant Critic Crew; aka Juan. Gracias Juan!

The Spinach Salad

Crispy Fish Cakes

The Seafood Chowder!

French Onion Soup

Pancheta! That's what it says on the menu BTW. Nevertheless, it is to die for. Honestly.

Curry! Was it lamb or beef? Can't recall - too much of that rose wine!

19 thoughts on “Hennessy’s Irish Pub – A New Years Eve Celebration

  1. Well, for starters, it says it right over the entrance. The colors are those of a pub. The owners are Irish. There´s Guinness all over the place. Shall I go on? It’s great!

  2. It was lamb curry. What makes it Irish is the pub food menu (including fish and chips) as well as the Guinness beer…and the decor and layout will definitely make you feel reminiscent of the classic Irish or British pub, beautifully blended with the lovely features of an old Merida colonial. Also, the two owners are Irish lads and they are always present, so you will even get to hear an authentic Irish brogue!

  3. Thank you for the meaty clarification, Ms Stein! In the writers room, there are photos in black and white of important Irish writers.

  4. We were there New Years Eve and it was excellent….great food and just the right mix of Irish and Mexican style…….

  5. Was there NYE as well–it was THE Happening Place and drew a very eclectic crowd. Who knew there were so many Beautiful People in town? Is it open for lunch? If not, it should be…some of us like to start early…

  6. It was great to see you on NYE, what a fun time that was. I like the place a lot, the food is good and the drinks are great and the ambience is one that I could sit around in for hours.

  7. 7 days later (yesterday) I went back to treat my administrative staff. THe 4 of us had different entrees, and they were all outstanding. At least 2 of the kids are children of fantastic cooks, so they were also very srict judges. We had, Meat Pie with Guiness sauce, Fish and Chips, Rib eye? was it RB? Maybe Im confused, but the meat was great! and a steak with mustard sauce and crab cakes I believe…hey, Im not a food writter, bear with me! But Im a food lover, and these plates were all fantastic! Before lunch we enjoyed a Guinness (Can), and Alitas de Pollo (best of Merida, no contest) and Papas Gajo, superb! S. the owner came to check on us and at the end treated us with dessert : Apple Strudel (mmmmmh!) and that wonderful chocolate cake, warm, filled with chocolate sauce inside. I forgot the name. The best I tried. Not making this up! The service was friendly and attentive, and the bill… I wont say it here, cause I treated my staff, and a true Yucatecan never says how much she paid to invite others, but let me say it was a great surprise. We (family), are going back tomorrow.

  8. Why wait for another NYE? Let’s do it again, Paula, Anastasia, Juanita, Jonna and Better Half. Big table, lotsa beer and we’ll order one of everything on the menu!! Quien dice si?

  9. Just tried Hennessey’s today for lunch. We both had the fish and chips and a nice vino tinto. I have had fish and chips everywhere while traveling – I have to say that these were the best fish and chips I have ever had. Nice atmosphere and good service. A very nice addition to the Mérida restaurant scene.

  10. My husband and I LOVE this place, let me start with the fantastic food 5 Stars all the way, the place is like our Yorkville area in Toronto but with better people, very friendly and staff that is very attentative to all your needs, as for the owners what else can you say but warm, inviting and now very good friends.

    Thank you for a great time

  11. We’ve been to the pub several times now and have been so happy each time we visit. The atmoshpere is fantastic, and the food is even better. Sean and Colm are always so inviting and we can’t wait to go back. The super attentive service is the Cherry on top of this wonderful Irish Sunday, and Hennessy’s is a fantastic addition to Merida.

  12. Excellent restaurant, I was there just now and really have some very delicious dishes. The beer is very good and the atmosphere in the place is great. Congratulations to the owners, I love it!

  13. Love Hennessy’s… not sure if its the choice of different seating areas, the pool table, the hamburgers, the salade nicoise, the martinis or the ‘impossibly handsome’ hosts. Think I need to go back again to figure it out. Going in about ten minutes!

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