Marmalade Barra de Cocina Norte – It’s Open!

photo of the locale Marmalade Barra de Cocina Norte

Discretely tucked away in the corner of the Bon Ami Plaza (yes that’s really its name)

Tucked away in a corner where the Pho restaurant used to be, surrounded by defunct storefronts in a small commercial plaza on a congested avenue that has the most ridiculous amount of little L shaped shopping centers in Merida, Marmalade is a welcome addition to the area and, judging by the quality of the food and service, guaranteed to remain for some time. This is refreshing since there are so many people that have more money than business sense who are throwing their money into any and all kinds of businesses doomed to fail because they really have no idea of what the hell they are doing.

Location at the bottom of this article!

But I digress. Marmalade is not one of these.

Having visited the location on 47 on two occasions, the Critic decided that Better Half needed to experience the food and service that Dawn and Stephanie are throwing out there. And what an experience it was. Three delicious breakfast items ordered and eaten with gusto, and fragrant baked goods for the ride home (LOL) along with the kindness and attention of the hosts, make this restaurant the new favorite breakfast spot in this part of town.

Each plate and food item is a work of art, the plating/presentation beautiful. Everything tastes spectacularly good and everyone who works here seems to be happy to be there looking after guests.

The Critic had used up all his jam on the toast that came with the breakfast but there was a slice left. Dawn generously brought over another kind of jam just to be able to put something on that last piece of toast. It was a home-made pineapple and serrano jam. Truly amazing!

The Casual Restaurant Critic (and the Better Half) cannot recommend this place highly enough. A perfect spot for a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast – this is Marmalade Barra de Cocina!

flowers, table setting, restaurant, Marmalade, Merida

Fresh flowers on every table


Marmalade Breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast, homemade jam and hash browns too

Home-cured lox

wafles, fresas, crema batida, light, desayuno, Merida, Marmalade

Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream

Pineapple and serrano jam. Really

Location location location! There’s a map and everything!




6 thoughts on “Marmalade Barra de Cocina Norte – It’s Open!

  1. Love your posts!! They keep me updated with my home town in ways that Diario de Yucatan doesn’t. Cheers from Melbourne, Australia

  2. Thank you Beto!! How great that you are reading this in Australia!! Que demonios haces ahi??? Y has visto el website de Dario de Yucatan? No Diario. Darío. Hilarious.

  3. Whoa — not only a ”new” breakfast restaurant, but the hint about ”Dario de yucatan”. Great job! Two thumbs up!

  4. They may have good business sense, but at the moment it’s pretty hard to find their new location. I was just in an Uber scrambling to find out where their new location is. It’s not on Uber or Google Maps – and I tried every iteration of the name (Marmalade/Marmalade Norte/etc). So I searched on Google and your article was my only clue. Hastily scanning it for an address I found only a long-winded description (which is fine, it’s not your job to be the only source of their address) then gave up, then thought it MUST be mentioned in the article, and noticed “plaza Bon Ami” in the description of the photo. Bingo! What time do they open? Close? It remains a mystery. I’ve heard great things about this place, so they really should help people find them.

  5. I promise to put more clues in my restaurant reviews, especially the ones where it’s great, to avoid anyone else having this in the future. I have lived in Merida too long and need to be more in tune with recent arrivals who are discovering the northern part of the city of Merida! So sorry I am!!

    Just added their Facebook listing – here it is as well!!

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