Rosas and Xocolate Revisted

On a very busy (restaurant-wise) weekend, the Casual Restaurant Critic and his lovely wife were invited along with the critical folks from Elio the night before to re-sample Rosas and Xocolate. The Critic uses the term re-sample because, of course, there was a previous visit – also on a Saturday night – resulting in a mixed review the first time around.

This time around, however, the experience was spectacular. The service marked one of those rare firsts – in Merida, anyway – and was probably the best the Critic has had to date, with the exception of the lunch had approximately 5 hours earlier which will be written about shortly.

Attention to every detail, attentive and non-intrusive, the waiters looking after the table were very professional indeed. Again, the owner stopped by to say hello and make sure that the table was well-looked after.

The food was glorious, in particular the fried octopus chicharra, the duck salad and the enormously fat and meaty pork rack had by the Critic. Everyone commented on how delicious their food was. Accompanied by Pellegrino sparkling water, a few fruit (lychee and apple) martinis and some choice red wine, the evening was pretty well a flawless dining experience.

The table was indoors and so the Critic was unable to confirm or not the presence of a cleaning lady in the bathrooms doing her thing (as commented on during the last visit).

7 thoughts on “Rosas and Xocolate Revisted

  1. Hi, William, we went the rest. when they open this Jan. My sister-in- law, penny was visiting so I took her there & with my friend SHELLE. I noticed most my friends living in merida permenently, anything new ones open soon as I visit to merida they are talking about how wonderful foods is. But I disappointed most of so far, first, price is ridiculous. If I am living in Mexico , I will not pay New York price of course if food is melting in your mouth & some specialty, I don’t mind but same steaks, I can get in costco for much less price, whole bottle of wine maybe $15, they charged me $45. Ok ? I paid for the atmospere I guess so my husband, Walter, he is not the person go out there anymore. So I am usually check it out with my girl friends. I am glad you had a pretty good food there but I was not impress with it. My house is close by so I walked by there, hope they can do good business. I love good foods it doesn’t matter hole in the wall as long as chef has passion & consistency. I had so many bad food experiences in merida I can be very picky picky food critic, also my husband, he is worse than me. But I will try progress one & let u know. You need to visit Seoul, Korea then you will know how good foods is. If person eat steak & potato, forget it, they can’t handle Korean foods. Tx for keep tasting & give us your critic.

  2. I’d like to hear more about smoking, meaning where we can go eat without it. We don’t smoke and have asthma and this influences our decisions. We’d appreciate any lists of nonsmoking restaurants and business that really try to accommodate nonsmokers. We have been really excited that Mexico City and Patzcuaro have become smoke free.

  3. DJ – you will be pleased to know that the rules regarding smoking in the Yucatan prohibit smoking in all indoor restaurants, so you are safe.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog…we have just returned from Rosas y Xocolate and it was such a lovely meal! Nice and attentive staff, great food and a very cool and funky space (we had a little tour of the hotel at the end and I really want to go back one of these days). My pear/goat cheese salad was so good and a welcome treat after so many weeks without salad! My chicken and lentil main course was very nice. There was a lovely purée under the lentils that I wish there were more of! My husband had a salmon starter and the fish of the day as a main. It was delicious and light and perfectly cooked. We enquired about the interesting side with the fish after we ate it and were surprised to know it was nopal (a cactus I just learned of). We had a nice bottle of Mexican wine – after the first two we had chosen were not available – that they let us have for the price of the Chilean we had wanted. It was a blend of two grapes, the names of which escape me. We went with the two chocolate choices for dessert…maybe too much chocolate (which is something I rarely say!). The tart was delicious with ginger ice cream, but as we shared dessert, my mousse was maybe too rich. It was good, but maybe something lighter, like the apple tart or the panna cotta would have been a better way to end a really lovely meal, in a very pretty setting. Thank you Mr Lawson for keeping us informed as to where to go! Very good choice tonight!

  5. Thank you Shoop! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed the place. It is worth going to try everything on the menu!

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