Try an Agua de Chaya – it’s Good for You!

On his most recent visit to the best panucheria in the world, La Susana Internacional, located of course in the charm-challenged and very “real” Kanasin, the Critic once again accompanied his usual order of one panucho, one salbut, a half-caldo and a taco or two of chicharra, with the agua de chaya, which is – as many know – a spinach-like leafy plant grown on bushes in most real Yucatecans back yards and that is loaded with anti-oxidants which almost (but not really) makes up for all the fat ingested in those other menu items.

Pretty too, the way they serve it.

3 thoughts on “Try an Agua de Chaya – it’s Good for You!

  1. Chaya, I cooked Korean style & it’s delicious . It’s very simple. Boil the warter & cook until tender maybe 2, 3 min & shock in the ice water helps stop cooking, & squeeze Chaya it gives u crunch & chop or slice, season with little soy souce & seasame oil, mixed it, ready to eat just like cold salad. You can do same way spinich, bean spourt. It is good summer dishes. Try, hope u like it.

  2. William,my friend , young hee, she is the one at the slow cook making Korean foods. She is the one the best one in merida. Enjoy, good for health.

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